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Swiss M70 field trousers, Alpenflage, surplus

Swiss M70 field trousers, Alpenflage, surplus

Price 22.99 USD excluding VAT

The Swiss went on and designed a very unique field uniform. Even though the jacket is the king daddy of extraordinary design, the trousers aren't far behind. These are slowly getting more scarce.

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The Swiss went on and designed a very unique field uniform. Even though the jacket is the king daddy of extraordinary design, the trousers aren't far behind. These are slowly getting more scarce.

In a nutshell

In Switzerland they had money and they had ideas. This resulted in very extraordinary designs made extraordinarily well. These trousers were meant to keep a soldier going in the field, ride a bicycle, carry hand grenades and hide from sight. As is customary, the design is properly way overdone!

What the hell do these have then?


Two side pockets, two zippered slit "pockets" to access anything worn underneath, one back pocket and two very roomy compartmentalised cargo pockets. According to regulations, hand grenades are carried inside the compartments. These also take three beer cans each, as a hint towards any beer commandos reading this.

Are you into bicycle stuff?

These trousers are designed to work when sitting on the saddle. Nobody knows why bicycle warfare was so big thing in Switzerland, but it was. For this the trousers have waterproof reinforcements extending above and below the knee area and three compression points on the legs, plus tie cords on the leg ends. Why settle for less! At least the snaps aren't made of gold or anything.

What more!

Well, then theres' a regular button fly with two button rows and extra snap fasteners on the top, integral suspenders and buckles for the corresponding straps inside the jacket.

Made of a quite soft polycotton blend, with knee reinforcements made of PVC or other materials.

And the camo?

Say what you will about the "Alpenflage" camo, but apparently it worked in Switzerland. Actually, it also works quite well up here in the autumn months. The pattern itself is very much influenced by the last German WW2 "universal" camouflage pattern, the "Leibermuster".

Size info

Waist/inseam in centimetres, with the waist in its total size in the brackets. These are the actual measuremets of the trousers!


In used but serviceable condition. Means you won't get new pants, so expect some signs of field use, like missing buttons, some loose stitching and such. Don't worry, it's nothing you couldn't handle in a few minutes with a needle and some thread if the need should arise.


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I would not recommend to a friend

This is the first time I haven't been happy with my purchase from Varustaleka. The pair I recieved were at the lower end of Grade 2. The suspenders are mismatched and the left side isn't long enough because it was replaced with a shorter strap. The knee area where the waterproof layer should be is tattered and missing the material on the left knee.
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I would recommend for a friend

02.06.2019 (Edited 02.06.2019)
I love the pattern (have the whole set) of Alpenflage. First off, the Vinyl\PVC liner attached to the knees is old and faded. Like all plastics, they degrade with time.

---Disclaimer (This is what I did to alter my trousers to suit my needs and make them functional and easier to clean, you make experience different results)---

Mine was 98% intact, however I did and recommend removing it. The plastic sheeting can be removed by just tearing the liner. The cloth patch that was adhered to the liner can be removed by using a seam ripper, then I cut along the seam where the nylon liner back, meets the cloth heavy seam of the pants. It removes easily with cloth nippers. The difference in cloth, between nylon and heavy cotton makes removal easy. A snip that will remove nylon, won't even scratch heavy cotton. I suggest the removal since the old liner can harbor water, trapped between the layers causes mold and mildew. Now if you are just collecting gear, we that another story, but if your intention is to make older surplus functional, then I suggest this alternation. Understand what you are buying, from what I understand, the youngest pair of these trousers will be 26 years old.( I could be wrong) So you may need to do a bit a work, but if you do, you'll have some unique gear.

So I recommend the trousers and the whole set. So you can be the LORD OF POCKETS.
9 2 Report abuse
I would recommend for a friend

Worth purchasing at this price. The built-in suspenders weren't working for me, so I cut them off and cut off the silly straps around the thighs, and I sewed suspender buttons into the waistline. The result: I now have a pair of unusual pants that I like very much. Wearing them, I probably look a bit weird, but I look weird anyway, so if anyone doesn't like it, they can fuck off. I'm considering removing the plastic coverings, as per the excellent suggestions in a previous comment.
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I would recommend for a friend

Without knowing I reached the same conclusion as in an earlier post - I removed the watertight lining since it had begun to shed it's plastic and looks were "suboptimal".. It wasn't very hard and look good. The suspenders were at bit short which meant I would get wedgies everytime I bent down so I cut the suspenders of in the back and sewed a piece of elastic from old suspenders in giving me slightly elastic and longer suspenders - more comfy and still holding the pants up. The sidepockets can indeed fit three cans (0,5 L) of beer each which would put som serious strain on those suspenders but I guess it will not be THAT often I need to carry a total of 3L of beer around so.. A nice fit, good details and a superb price.
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I would recommend for a friend

ostin nämä housut muualta kuin lekasta mutta sen voin kertoa että se muovi jutu kannattaa repiä pois jos haluaa niitä pestä ja hintaansa nähden hyvät housut vähän hassun näköset mutta toimii
itsellä on koko setti alpenflagea ja en ole pettynyt
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I would recommend for a friend

Received my trousers today in what appears to be un-issued condition, to which I was pleasantly surprised! I have not field-tested them yet and will add more to this review later, but I would like to take a moment to address the fact that not all Alpenflage M70 clothing comes in the same pattern / colors. I had ordered both the Parka and Trousers from Varusteleka but the Trousers have more of a brown backdrop than the jacket and do not match exactly. It will be good enough for my purposes but if you are looking for a direct match, you will need to look elsewhere unless you get very lucky. Apparently this pattern was made with many variations throughout the years and it is hard to find a matching set unless you are buying a matched set ahead of time.
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