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Swedish webbing set 304, used

Swedish webbing set 304, used

Price 10.99 USD excluding VAT

One of the last creations of the Swedish military when it relied on conscription is this webbing set. Nordic quality for peanuts.

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One of the last creations of the Swedish military when it relied on conscription is this webbing set. Nordic quality for peanuts.

When Sweden downsized its military to about two dozen soldiers and one tank, the old kit was dumped to surplus market for ridiculous prices. This stuff is still somewhat widely available. This webbing set represents the newer end of the kit spectrum.

A very traditional belt + suspenders type solution, the "304" is like a mix of older Swedish webbing and US ALICE stuff. Let's go through the components:

The belt is about 5 cm wide traditional combat belt with metal grommets for attaching the suspender hooks and adjustment pins, and once it's properly adjusted, you can use the leather belt part to quickly change it's size on the fly if necessary. The absolute maximum length of the whole belt is about 125 cm / 49" - apparently any larger men were deemed unfit for any roles where they might need webbing.

The suspenders are X-type and feature very good adjustments and ALICE-type metal hook attachment. The hooks attach directly to metal grommets on the belt or pouches.

The ammo pouches are made of tough nylon material, with silent metal knob closure. These take five M16 mags (the service rifle was at the time the AK-5, copy of the FN FNC), a few 7,62 NATO mags and even a couple of AK mags. The inside dimensions are about 15 x 20 x 6 cm / (6" x 8" x 2.5").

Slap on a couple of water bottle pouches and a buttpack (the US models will fit) and you have a pretty decent webbing set on your hands.

Swedish army surplus

In used, but serviceable condition. We don't know when the old stocks will finally run out of the market, so if you need hard wearing kit for low price, we suggest taking action while these are still available.


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I would recommend for a friend

19.11.2016 (Edited 29.11.2016)
Minullakin on tällainen koristeena! Ja erotuksena kuvaan minun tetsarissa on kenttäpullolle pussi/riipuke, ja ostin siihen ruottalaisen vanhan käytetyn kenttäpullon ja kävi siihen kuin nenä päähän!
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I would recommend for a friend

20.11.2016 (Edited 29.11.2016)
Tilaamani tetsari oli heikommassa kunnossa kuin kuvien yksilö mutta pikkufiksailulla siitä sai erittäin hyvän kantolaitteen. Vakiotaskujen lisäksi kiinnitettynä omastani löytyy jenkkilän buttpackia, ensisidetaskua ja lipastaskua. Materiaali on erittäin jämäkän oloista ja vehje tuntuu muutenkin hyvältä
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I would recommend for a friend

25.12.2016 (Edited 27.12.2016)
I would recommend for a friend

Good webbing. Unbeatable at this price.
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I would recommend for a friend

28.03.2017 (Edited 28.03.2017)
I received an unissued one that hadn't even been unpacked. Unbeatable price for a high quality item like this. Contained the two ammo pouches and a open-top canteen cover that maybe will fit a 1 quart water canteen (I don't have one so I can't test, but a NVA 0,7 liter canteen fits well. Other plastic swedish canteens also is 0,7 liter but have a different form than the NVA one). Looks sort of like this one:

Al in all: Buy it if you need a good quality webbing set with a good amount of relative big pouches. Add a water bottle and you are good to go!
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I would recommend for a friend

Best price I have found on the web!
Perfect for hunting, I made mine into a "canine-handler" kit ,easily carry stuff without a bag.
Could easily have a few more as "spares"
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I would recommend for a friend

Well built, affordable and stylish
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I would recommend for a friend

01.06.2017 (Edited 19.06.2017)
I would recommend for a friend

Hintansa väärti.
3 1 Report abuse


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Charles D. 23.07.2020
does anyone know what the random metal pieces connected to the area above the adjustable straps are for?
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