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Swedish SVS 12 Combat Vest With Pouches, Green, surplus

Swedish SVS 12 Combat Vest With Pouches, Green, surplus

Price 205.99 USD excluding VAT

The Swedes are awesome and so is their combat gear. While their warfare in history was often outsourced to Finland and the homeland was safe, their level of professionalism in modern international missions is nothing to sneer at.

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The Swedes are awesome and so is their combat gear. While their warfare in history was often outsourced to Finland and the homeland was safe, their level of professionalism in modern international missions is nothing to sneer at.

The Combat Vest System 12 (Stridsvästsystem 12 or SVS 12) was developed in co-operation with Swedish troops in Afghanistan by Snigel Design, who have an established reputation among users of LE/Security modular gear.

The unique feature of this system is the modularity, which covers not only the pouches but the vest itself: it can be configured as a traditional load-carrying vest with a belt, trimmed from the rear in case you are carrying a bigger pack or folded and tightened into a rather sleek chestrig.

Size info

The vest and yokes come in two sizes: Size 1 is for 170 cm / 65 kg fighters and Size 2 is for everyone else. Thanks to the large adjustment ranges, Size 1 is good ranging from XS to M, Size 2 shrinks to fit someone who wears Small and up.

The belts come in three lengths, all starting from a minimum length of 75 cm. Official weight classes are 1 up to 65 kg; 2 up to 95 kg; and 3 over 95 kg. We all know how your height affects things so we were kind enough to measure these for you:

  • 75-108 cm (30" - 42.5")
  • 75-132 cm (30" - 52")
  • 75-152 cm (30" - 60")

The vest comes with a belt appropriate for the size.

Weight: 5300 g (incl. all pouches and carrying bag).

Vest base components

The bare minimum base consists of the front panels, yoke and a T-bar with a Side-Release buckle to close the back. The base can be upgraded with an equipment belt and back panel, both of which are included.

Front panels

The front panels are covered with PALS webbing with the bottom consisting of 8 x 4 loops (7 x 4 for size 1) and 4 extra rows (2 for size 1) on the tapering top part. The tops attach to the yoke with a direct hook-and-loop tab system or 25 mm Side-Release buckles. This provides a large range of adjustment and custom options with 3rd party components. The tops can be folded into a pocket inside the bottom part for chestrig use.

On the insides, you'll find an equipment belt tunnel, hidden radio/magazine pouch and webbing loops for customizing. The zipper is a rugged affair but T-bars with SR buckles can be used instead.


Anatomic and modular design to carry lots of weight comfortably. Can be worn with the straps crossing or as an H-harness. Thanks to SR buckles and 25 mm straps the yoke is compatible with many other systems. Equipment tunnels and elastic loops to keep wires, hydration tubes and such neatly tucked.

Equipment belt

Adjustable, padded and stiff equipment belt. Surrounded by a 50 mm (2") webbing with vertical stitching every 40 mm for pouch attachment.

Back Panel

A 32 x 44 cm panel with 8 x 9 loops of PALS and a hydration reservoir hanger inside. Easy access with a 2-way zipper from the outside, attaches to two PALS loops on each side and any belt in the bottom. Big enough for those chunky blast belts as well!

Small parts

Various T-bars, H-bars and I-bars can be used to omit the belt or zipper or make other customizations.

  • 5 pcs short T-bar pairs with SR buckles
  • 2 pcs long T-bar pairs with SR buckles
  • 2 pcs elastic H-bars
  • 2 pcs I-bars with SR buckles


This is the part where you start to feel like Christmas. The assortment of included pouches is so large that they won't fit the vest at the same time. Instead, you get a range of flexibility to build the vest to meet mission requirements.

The attachment system is a Snigel Design variation of the PALS-system, compatible with any MOLLE platform you may have. All pouches (except the tool pouch) have a webbing cover over the drain grommets to reduce dirt intake.

  • 6 Single magazine pouches

    The "Enkelmagficka 12" holds one 5.56 magazine. The closure system has a removable flap with an elastic hook for better retention and cover and elastic cords for fast reloads. PALS-looped front for stacking. The system includes six (6!) of these.

    • Measurements: 8 x 16 x 3 cm
    • PALS: 2 columns, 3 rows
  • 2 Large Magazine Pouches

    The "Magasinficka 12" is padded and holds three 5.56 magazines or two .308 magazines. Cup-type lid with elastic hook closure, webbing on the sides. Two pouches included.

    • Measurements: 8 x 20 x 7 cm
    • PALS: 2 columns, 3 rows
  • 2 Dump Pouches

    The "Dumpficka 12" rolls into a fairly small and flexible size to stay out of the way. The top is flat and sandwiches between the base and anything you have mounted on top. So mounting the dump pouch doesn't sacrifice any space on your PALS grid. Pieces of hook-and-loop meet to keep the mouth ajar for easy access.

    • Measurements (pouch): 29 x 32 x 9 cm
    • PALS: 4 columns, 1 row
  • 3 Grenade pouches

    The "Granatficka 12" has a two-position lid with twin snap-fasteners and an inner loop for the safety lever.

    • Measurements: 8 x 16 x 7 cm
    • PALS: 2 columns, 2 rows
  • Multi-tool pouch

    The "Verktygsficka 12" is big enough for modern multi-tools, which are big. Keep your old PST in its original leather pouch, we hear they are collectible these days. Simple hook-and-loop closure.

    • Measurements: 4.5 x 12 x 2 cm
    • PALS: 1 column, 3 rows
  • 2 Tourniquet pouches

    The "Tourniquetficka 12" keeps a tourniquet handy. Hook-and-Loop lid with a pull-tab for quick deployment. And as they say, "two is one, one is none". So there's two.

    • Measurements: 4.5 x 15 x 3 cm
    • PALS: 1 column, 3 rows
  • IFAK Pouch

    The "Perstraumaficka 12" is a generous pouch to hold an advanced set of personal medical equipment. Stiffened front and back. Full of elastic organizing pockets and loops and a 2-way zipper to get to your medical gear with ease. Webbing on the front for a small extra pouch.

    • Measurements: 12.5 x 18 x 7 cm
    • PALS: 3 columns, 4 rows
  • General Purpose Pouch, Small

    The "Flerbruksficka 12 (S) Liten" has a two-way zipper and an elastic inner pocket. PALS-webbing on the front for stacking pouches.

    • Measurements: 12 x 18 x 6 cm
    • PALS: 3 columns, 4 rows
  • General Purpose Pouch, Medium

    The "Flerbruksficka 12 (M) Mellan" has stiffeners in the front and rear and padding all over and a protective cup-type lid with elastic hook closure. The size and protection make it suitable for sensitive equipment in the field.

    • Measurements: 12 x 25 x 13 cm
    • PALS: 3 columns, 5 rows
  • General Purpose Pouch, Large

    The "Flerbruksficka 12 (L) Stor" is wide and shaped to fit the curve of the torso. The pouch flattens with ease when empty and balloons up when stuffed. Stiffener at the mouth and a 2-way zipper. Two elastic inner pockets and a divider that can be opened out of the way.

    • Measurements: 25 x 22 x 8 cm
    • PALS: 6 columns, 5 rows

Swedish Military Surplus

This combat vest is currently in service, so all tags have been removed. The batch in question was rejected due to stitching threads not complying fully with the NIR specifications of Swedish Defence Forces. We looked at these with NVG's and feel they are good to go for any action. As you may have already guessed, these are in a brand-new condition, even though it would only be a plus to have had a Swede use something before you.


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3.93 / 5
7 ratings
Suomi (1)
English (6)
I would recommend for a friend

07.02.2020 (Edited 07.02.2020)
Aloitetaan perusosasta, eli itse liivistä. Liivi on jykevää materiaalia, joka taatusti kestää sodan kauhut, joskin säätöjä tarkasteltaessa huomaa, mikseivät ruotsalaiset halua sotia. (Ne ovat järkyttävän paskat, sillä säädellessä menee ikä ja terveys, sekä kärsivällisyys.) Mukana tuleva olennainen vyö on myös aivan järkyttävää kamaa, mutta onnekseni viisaana ihmisenä sain lukittua liivin takaosan sivuista taskuilla.

Taskut ovat monipuoliset, joskin olisin ylimääräisen dumppitaskun tilalle ottanut tuplalipastaskun. Dumppi on tarpeeksi iso ja palssi taskun pinnassa antaa mahdollisuuden kiinnittää taskuja dumpin päälle niin, ettei dumppi vie tilaa. Yleistasku M on myös tarpeeksi iso, ja sinne mahtuu ainakin yksi, ellei kaksikin PV:n litran juomapulloa. Kranaattitaskut... järkyttävän kokoiset (-G36:n lipas saattaisi mahtua, tai kaksikin-) kiinnityssysteemi kahdella nepparilla on kyseenalainen. Sanottakoon, että parempiakin ananastaskuja löytyy. Tuplalipastaskut ovat peruslaadukasta Snigeliä, mutta yksivetoiset taskut...

Kokonaisuus on kuitenkin kohtuullisen suositeltava hintaan nähden, vaikka hurrille ei voi kun nauraa järjestelmän hassuille ratkaisuille. Sanottakoon, että voisivat jättää sotavarusteiden suunnittelemisen ihmisille, jotka osaavat hommansa.
6 0 Report abuse
I would recommend for a friend

20.02.2020 (Edited 20.02.2020)
The best is the huge amount of pouches. The storage/carrying bag is nice to have. I don't like the buckles so much, both the cheapo waist belt buckle and the shoulder buckles are uncomfortable and protruding, and the vest itself is quite stiff. The stitching doesn't seem so good. I thought it was just the NIR issue but it looks kind of sloppy in general which is partly visible in the product pictures. However I don't have an issued vest to compare with so I don't know how the stitching should look like. I read that Swedish soldiers claim the pouches light up like a Christmas tree with NVGs, I can't verify this but I wouldn't buy these for any real action, just for airsoft, unless you plan to sleep through all the nights during the next conflict. However it seems Varusteleka has tested them and they are good to go. Confusing.
4 1 Report abuse
I would recommend for a friend

So far, so awesome. It is maybe a shade of gray different from ranger green, but it really makes no difference unless you are looking extremely close.

I was impressed with how much room was left after fitting and how logical the layout is and the storage bag is a huge plus here.
1 0 Report abuse
I would recommend for a friend

A better deal cannot be found anywhere else. Buying a commercial MOLLE vest with all the pouches from a brand like Warrior Assault Systems for example will cost you much more than the price of this set. As said in a previous review the stitches are not so well done in places, and it looks like it was sloppily done in the factory which is the only downside.
1 2 Report abuse
I would recommend for a friend

01.03.2020 (Edited 24.06.2020)
The vest is a great value. The wide and varied selection of pouches, with a modular vest platform and carrying bag made by what I would assume to be a European manufacturer with what is supposedly 100% NIR material/dyes is excellent at this price. I found another listing from likely the (same batch) being sold on a Swedish website that listed that the Swedish government pays 8000 SEK for this set which is approximately $832 USD/755 EUR.

Varusteleka mentions that this batch was rejected for stitching and from my observation, it seems like the stitching was quite poor mostly on the molle/PALs attachment straps on some of the pouches while my vest had absolutely no problems. I can understand why the Swedish Army rejected these if they were paying 755EUR a set, but even the poor stitching of the pouches does not really affect the function of the vest and pouches.

As far the vest goes it is quite rigid even the internal mesh liner is from a thicker material, the vest has a lot of additional attachment points in the forms of elastics on the shoulder straps, internal pockets and internal PALs/molle. The belt included with the vest isn't easily adjustable and is of OK quality, I would have suspected a bit better. Fortunately, one could use another belt in it's place if they wished to do so. Despite the modularity of the vest, it will likely take a bit of time to figure out exactly how it adjusts or how one removes/adds parts to turn it a front chest rig, vest etc. because it is not so easily apparent. Another problem I had is its adjust-ability around the chest. I am 184cm 84kgs 39 - 40 inch chest, 34 inch waist smaller shoulder length and I could not seem to get the vest completely fitted around my chest. I did not see a strap that would have adjusted just for the chest. It is not very loose, but it is slightly loose. I would have liked to have it a bit tighter around the upper body.

The single rifle pouches have removable flaps so they can be run like traditional open magazines pouches. The two dump pouches are a bit dated in design as they do not pack as small as they could, they seem to just be the large pouch rolled up and without the re-enforcement of rigidity the large pouch has.

Overall, the vest is good with a couple of flaws. If one is expecting a modern, slick, "high-speed", tactical vest then this would not be it. However, this piece of kit is functional, has a good selection of pouches. modular and the potential to become collectible in the future.

Edit: The molle row sizing seems to be inconsistent on some of the pouches and vest. This isn't a problem as the molle webbing is big enough that I was able to fully attach the accessories to the vest in all areas. However, right at the edge on frontal upper chest area I have two areas that are just too small which prevent me from adding the T-bar like it is shown in the pictures and on Snigel Design's website.
0 1 Report abuse
I would recommend for a friend

As others have mentioned it is above average quality. No complaints about the vest itself. The pouches are on the "lightweight" end of the spectrum. Vest stitching no problems noted, pouch stitching is of lesser quality (some loose threads are due to the removal of government labels I believe). Overall I am pleased with the order and very fast shipping to the U.S. I am 5-10 / 195 and size 2 was perfect.
3 0 Report abuse
I would recommend for a friend

Compared to other vests on the market, I have to say that this one is of very high quality and includes a ton of accessories making it a very good value combat vest.

I totally recommend this item!
4 0 Report abuse


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