Swedish snow suit jacket, surplus

Swedish snow suit jacket, surplus

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The Swedish snow camouflage jacket is as simple as they get, while still being quite practical. And almost white too! Dye it with the colour of your choice to convert it to a basic, rugged smock type coat!

You'll find all the standard stuff expected from such a garment, like button-up front with windproof closure, hood, button-up cuffs and two large hem pockets.

Now, one notable thing about these is the colour. Most armies recognize snow as being pearly white. The Swedes decided to make their snow suits grayish or yellowish. We have no idea why. However, these still work just fine, don't be fooled.

Pro-tip: these are made of thick, windproof cotton, making it work just like a British army Windproof Smock. Don't like the colour? Hell, dye this brown or green or whatever - cotton soaks in dye like never before.

Size system

Sizes in the Euro system, with only one height size, which will pass for 170-180 tall people . Please note these run large to accommodate other clothing worn underneath. This means that, for example size 46 will pass OK even for a size 54 person with some stuff worn underneath, according to our tests.


Used, but in serviceable condition. Expect some stains, repairs and occasionally a missing button. The example in the picture represents the "lower" end of the spectrum, so don't worry - these are quite OK.

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