Swedish M90 winter combat boots, with safety toe

Swedish M90 winter combat boots, with safety toe

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Someone said you can't survive winter temperatures with a regular lace-up boot. Well, how about making the boot big enough to accommodate all kinds of warm stuff inside? Despite the bulky looks, the boot is comfortable, at least with the right sock choices. 2nd quality class, these have some surface imperfections. Boo-hoo.

Definitely made for field use: utilitarian looks, thick leather, no membranes whatsoever so you can grease the leather and keep it in good shape, speed lacing and proper tread pattern. The boot also features an internal safety toe, which also helps to keep the ski bindings firmly in place - yes, these are meant to be skiing compatible.

For some reason the Swedish army contracted the manufacturing to the Finnish company Sievi.


Note! Although these probably work pretty well as safety boots, they have removed the shown brown safety boot certification tags from these at the factory, which probably means these not certified safety shoes (probably because of the surface imperfections). For this reason we will not sell these are actual safety footwear either, but more like army surplus. However below is the list of features these have.

  • Theoretically meets the safety classification S2:
  • Basic requirements
  • Closed seat region
  • Antistatic properties (A)
  • Energy absorption of seat region (E)
  • Water penetration and water absorption (WRU)
  • Not sold as actual safety footwear!

2nd quality?

In reality this means the punctual quality control of peace time. These have some surface imperfections on the leather, mainly something that could be described as scratches and dings. Nothing major, won't affect the use one bit. Normally these would go for like 150 EUR, so it's a good deal.

Size info

Your foot length in millimetres (Mondopoint). First of all, these are quite wide, so we are confident you don't have to concern yourself about that when choosing the size. Just look at the millimetre size; this is the suitable foot length.

When you pick the correct size, you'll get 15 mm clearance for the toes. I.e. if your foot is 270 mm long, pick size 270.

Finding our your foot length is very simple, draw your foot on paper and measure the length from the heel to the big toe. If you have to round, round up (result 267 mm for example = pick 270 mm).

If you are shocked and confused, we have given approximate French/EU sizes too.

Made in Finland

Factory new, made by Sievi in Finland.


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I would recommend for a friend

Vuorettomien ja kalvottomien nahkojen kiivaana ystävänä, voin varauksetta suositella. Useamman talven pakkaset, loskat ja pilkkivedet kokeneena nämä tiilimurukat ovat edelleen kuin uudet. Minkkiöljy ja lankki, pitkän iän salaisuudet. Sukkavaraa on reilusti ja se kannattaa hyväksi käyttää, ja villalla täyttää, niin lämpimänä pysyy. Pohjissa on paksuutta ja pitoa, ei joudu liukkaillakaan pulaan. Hiihtämiseenkin sopivat. Puolikkaan tähden jätin pois ihan vaan varren mataluuden takia. Eihän nämä saappaat ole ja säärystimet tilasin juuri.
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I would recommend for a friend

These boots are workhorses you can rely on, you are ment to wear double socks with these boots, thin long socks and thick wool socks,.
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I would recommend for a friend

Olivat uuden veroiset, en huomannut mitään virheitä.
Järkyttävän painavat, vaikuttavat aika tuhoutumattomilta.
Pakkasen ei uskoisi tulevan läpi, kahden akuankan paksuinen pohjallinen.
Kengännauhat liian lyhyet ja ohuet, ne piti vaihtaa heti.
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