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Swedish M59 service shirt, green, surplus

Swedish M59 service shirt, green, surplus

Price 9.99 USD excluding VAT
Price in toilet paper rolls approximately 33 toilet paper rolls. We do not yet accept toilet paper as payment.

Swedish field shirt, model of 1959. Very much like the Finnish one, except with better cut and green colour scheme.

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Swedish field shirt, model of 1959. Very much like the Finnish one, except with better cut and green colour scheme.

Like most military issue clothing from the Nordic countries, this is one high quality, hard wearing piece of work.

The buttons go only some way down, so this is a pullover type shirt, like all shirts back in the good old days.

The material is durable cotton with a very comfortable flannel-type surface on the inside. If you don't like the nice forest green colour, these can easily be dyed black, for instance.

Size info

Sizes in standard shirt sizes in centimeters. We have given approximate US-style sizes too for quick comparison, and we suggest picking the right one by the US sizes - the cut is quite roomy.


Used, but in nice shape.


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I would recommend for a friend

Good fabric, good construction.
I purchased the 41/Large, and it is a good fit for my 115cm chest. I suppose I could wear the BW Turtleneck or Dutch turtleneck under it without being too uncomfortable. Although if you are tall you might find the sleeves too short.
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I would recommend for a friend

Aivan parhautta päällä, mökillä oli hyvä touhuta/istuskella ulkona, kun ylävartaloa suojasi brittien kosteutta siirtävä paita, ohut sveitsiläinen villapaita ja päällimmäiseksi ruotsalainen peltipaita. Kaulus ei ole ihan mun 43-45 sikaniskalle sopiva. Vaimokin tykkäs paidasta mun päällä.
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