Swedish M59 field trousers, green, surplus

Swedish M59 field trousers, green, surplus

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Just like the superb M39 wool trousers, but made of heavy cotton-rich fabric. Absolutely superb trousers for demanding use, made with love in Sweden during the Cold War period.

The trousers are probably the best part of the M-1959 uniform - made of proper strong fabric, extremely well finished and actually very practical with a load of pockets and a comfortable cut. Other features include a standard button fly, 4 cm belt loops, buttons for braces and reinforcements on the seat and knees.

As these are cotton or polycotton blend, washing should be done in something like 40 degrees Celsius. Hang dry.

Size info

The original size system was logical, at least in theory. However, we threw it right out of the window after some measuring. So, first the original Swedish size marked on the trousers, then user's recommended height / maximum waist in centimetres. Look carefully./p>

For the record, here are the measured sizes, first waist, then leg inseam, these are taken dircetly from the trousers with a measuring tape:

  • D96: 86/75 cm
  • D92: 84/78 cm
  • C148: 80/82 cm
  • C46: 82/82 cm
  • C48: 84/80 cm
  • C56: 100/82 cm
  • C146: 82/84 cm
  • C50: 86/84 cm
  • C150: 88/86 cm
  • C152: 90/90 cm
  • D100: 92/78 cm
  • D104: 98/80 cm


Used, but in very good shape. If anything, you might encounter an occasional missing button or something else just as trivial.


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I would recommend for a friend

Varusteleka employee 08.02.2019 (Edited 23.05.2019)
Viis kautta viis, ei voi moittia! Ruotsin armeijassa tiedettiin yllättävän paljon mitä tehtiin. Nämä seikkailu- ja puuhahousut ovat ehtottomasti sieltä parhaasta päästä: korkea vyötärö, fiksu istuvuus kenttäkäyttöön ja henkselinnapitkin valmiiksi, kangas kuninkaallisen hyvää. Jos katkeroa tulee marssilla nautittua liiaksi, eivät tavarat putoa maastoon läpillä suljettavista kylkitaskuista. Lahkeenkiristimiksi puolestaan voi laittaa vaikka narunpätkät, jos sellaisia tarvitsee.

Salaa mä tiedän, että varastossa olevat housut ovat pääsääntöisesti ihan mielettömän hyväkuntoisia, moni ihan präniköitä.
9 1 Report abuse
I would recommend for a friend

I would recommend for a friend

25.04.2019 (Edited 23.05.2019)
I bought a C48 size pair, which were fine for waist and leg, but I have had them in the tailors twice to get the seat taken in - Swedes must have immensely fat arses. Good thing the quality is very good, so I would recommend to a friend who likes eating lots of IKEA meatballs.
3 1 Report abuse
I would recommend for a friend



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