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Swedish M39 service shirt, surplus

Swedish M39 service shirt, surplus

Price 13.99 USD excluding VAT
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100 % recommends
Sold 90 pcs in the last two weeks

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The older Swedish field service shirt is clearly modeled after an almost identical German one from the 30's. It has certainly stood the test of time quite well! In all honesty the model was very ubiquitous back in the day, and is fashionable even today.

As said, the model is really close to one of the wartime German ones, so this will make for a cheap alternative to go under the wool tunic in re-enactment. If you are lucky, the shirt might even be made during the 40's.


The material is a very durable cotton, which might work OK in summer use, but needs wool, synthetics or mesh under it in winter. However, the seemingly thick material has a twist: it's quite loosely weaved and a bit stretchy too, making the shirt rather comfortable to wear. This also helps speed up drying if the shirt gets wet. Don't expect miracles, though - cotton is always cotton.

Size system

The original Swedish sizes are either impossible to read or just plain silly, that's why we have roughly converted all to the Euro chart. The weave is quite stretchy, making these somewhat forgiving. The sleeves are all short, but you're going to roll them up anyway, right?

The fabric colour (natural white, brownish, greenish, gray) and button types (plastic, dish metal, pressed cardboard), little details (cuff style, collar reinforcement if any) vary a bit. All are just as good.

Used military surplus

In used and serviceable shape, most actually very good.

Also with a real collar!

We sometimes get a few of these with a proper collar. These are listed separately if available.


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100 %
5 / 5
6 ratings
Suomi (1)
English (5)
I would recommend for a friend

Great old timey shirts. I ordered two and they were quite different from each other. They fit great and they have that awesome surplus smell - old surplus - like a museum.
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I would recommend for a friend

Tulipa hyvä mieli kun huomasin, että näitä on taas saatavilla! Mainio, monikäyttöinen ja omalla karhealla tavallaan tyylikäskin paita. Muutama vuosi sitten hommaamani yksilöt ovat edelleen hyvässä kunnossa, mutta ajan hampaan varalle hommaan kyllä vielä pari lisää.
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I would recommend for a friend

Scruffy good. Before wearing I recommend a soak in cold water and line drying with Mr.Sun.
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I would recommend for a friend

Got one through a group order, and whatever magic is imbued within these ancient threads actually makes you feel more badass. Very comfortable. Took over three years before they came back in stock, and just in time - my first one was wearing out. Not knowing when they would re-stock (if ever) I promptly ordered four more. Had a small hiccup, which was promptly fixed by Leka's awesome staff. If I could get away with it, I'd wear these every day. Some say that the modern Henley-style shirts are the same - they do not compare for fit or feel. Buy while you can, and savour.
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I would recommend for a friend

28.05.2018 (Edited 16.06.2018)
These fit great except being too short or me being too tall, the sleeves will always be rolled. Mine had a single crown stamp so it should be made during the war years, neat!
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I would recommend for a friend

Me and friends ordered 6 of them (Yes, we're the reason they're out of stock. No we are not sorry). The fabric is nice and solid, softened by the years, and generally you feel great in these. Might come with some stiched hole or something, but if you're not the type of person that think that this is a plus, those shirts aren't for you. As that other commenter said, they DO make you feel more badass.

The one downside that isn't really one is that the sleeves really are short (like, they only go a third of the way beyond my elbow), so it's pretty much a rolled-up shirt only thing.

So yeah, I totally endorse paying 13 bucks for a old, smelly, patched-up shirt with deficient sleeves. Not kidding.
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