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Swedish felt insoles, surplus

Swedish felt insoles, surplus

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These are probably the properest of the proper when it comes to felt insoles - the Swedish variant comes in the classic square toe shape and is made of thick, hard wearing material. One-off lot!

Hard to come by these days, these classic insoles are the right stuff for military boots. Not at all fancy, but these do last a looong time and tend to let moisture through better than modern insoles. Of course on the flipside these don't have any shock absorption, which some people find to be a problem.

Can't find your size?

No problem! These can easily be cut into the desired form, so you could just buy the biggest ones possible, cut them up and use the leftovers as rabbit food. Even if you do find the right size, remember tha these run big, so they probably will not fit anyway without some fine tuning. Of course if your size is bigger than the biggest availalbe, you're out of luck.


Unworn, unissued. Naturally. We could think only one army that might just sell used insoles and that's the Finnish army.

Employee's comments

Oh now these are proper good! Unlike most felt soles on sale, these are thick and tough and feel like they would outlast the user. The lack of a friction surface on the bottom means these do let moisture through, thus doing a better job at keeping your feet dry than, say, the hallowed Jalas FSX2 insoles (which are also good).

I own a bunch of these. The larger the insole, the easier it is to cut to shape. I do keep an overstock for the future, as these are definitely not made anymore! If your shoes already have some kind of shock absorbing midsole, these might work pretty well for you. I use them in shoes that don't have such luxuries and these are still good, at least for casual use.

Henri L.
Henri L.


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I would recommend for a friend

Does the job, easy to cut.
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