Surgeon's scalpel, surplus

Surgeon's scalpel, surplus

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Crafters and collectors ahoy! We were able to get a surplus batch of real deal surgeon's tools. Here are scalpels that look the part, but are sharp AF so they still serve a purpose.

Every now and then we run into weird things that turn us on. Here's a prime example: they are as good in a display cabinet or the tool roll of a crafter.

Different sizes available, these are given as the blade length of each size. The overall lengths are 156-180 mm respectively. The difference doesn't sound like too much, because in the end both of these are made to fit an adult hand. The blades themselves are very different in shape and size, which greatly affect their usability.

Unissued surplus

These are individually packed by dipping in a wax-like plastic (?) that peels off easily. This has most likely been done to protect the knife. Don't cut anyone you care about with these! The country of origin is Czech republic to the best of our knowledge.

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I would not recommend to a friend
Was super careful taking of the rubber-stuff afraid to cut myself; looks nice. But while cleaning off some oily residue I was shocked to find out that the scalpel isn't "sharp AF" at all!!! Couldn't cut yourself if you wanted to. Tip is sort of OK but I wanted a fine cutter and not a pig-sticker. Let's see if I can get a decent edge with my belgium blue and yellow sharpening stones. Disappointed )-:
All the other stuff was excellent though (-;
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