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Scott Promask FM3 Gas Mask

Scott Promask FM3 Gas Mask

Price 174.99 USD excluding VAT

These days, it makes sense for a civilian to have a gas mask with a sealed filter in their contingency box. You never know when a forest fire or factory explosion happens next door and the wind is blowing from the wrong direction.

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These days, it makes sense for a civilian to have a gas mask with a sealed filter in their contingency box. You never know when a forest fire or factory explosion happens next door and the wind is blowing from the wrong direction.

Using long arms with a mask on is cumbersome by default and this mask is no exception: tilting your head to the side helps if you use iron sights, a high-mounted optic makes life a lot easier. You can only shoulder the rifle right-handed.

Filters are sold separately.

Compatible gas mask pouches

Due to the single-piece visor, the mask doesn't fold and fitting it into a regular gas mask carrier ready-to-use may be difficult. We tried other options and here are our recommendations:


  • Size: M/L, suitable for most adults
  • Wide visor for a great field of view
  • Uses 40 mm EN 148-1 standard threaded filters
  • Made of Procomp Halobutyl elastomer
  • Transparent TPE inner mask
  • Filter attachment on the left
  • CE approved: EN136

3M Scott Fire & Safety

The owners and the name may change, but this is the same manufacturer that has made gas masks and such for a long time. The customer base includes various armed forces and fire brigades around the world. To put it short: the reliability and safety of Scott masks is top-notch.

Made in the UK.


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I would recommend for a friend

03.03.2020 (Edited 03.03.2020)
I have a civilian version of this mask for the American market, the Scott Promask 40. My version was made in Finland. The main differences I can tell between this and what I have is the straps - this one uses rubberized straps while mine are a stretchy nylon or cloth-like material. Obviously, rubberized straps are great for the extra durability, but may not be as comfortable. Also, mine doesn't have a size stamp on it.

Anyway, about the mask. This mask is ridiculously comfortable to wear - I could wear this for hours with the right filter attached. The field of view is massive with only a minor loss directly in front of your mouth and nose, as expected. Fitting is easy since you can set the top, upper right, and upper left straps, then just use the quick-release straps (lower right, lower left) to quickly take the mask off, or put it back on and tighten the same ones to instantly come back to a good seal. The oral-nasal cap makes fogging up literally impossible. All the materials are very comfortable, and hypoallergic, so if you're allergic to latex this is a great mask to buy.

I take half a star off because while this mask is mad comfy and useful, it's not great for tactical use. Your best bet is to get high-mounted optics, or just use a sidearm. You can barely get away with using a standard height red dot or ironsights, but you don't have any cheek weld whatsoever - the visor gets in the way. And it's pretty much impossible to sight up with longarms with receiver-level ironsights on, say, an AK or a military surplus bolt action rifle.

There's also a bit of an accessory market for this mask, including drinking canteens, tubes, and even a little attachment you can put on the nasal cup for prescription glasses! Do make sure you also get a recent production filter for this too. Even if a surplus filter you have doesn't have asbestos or chromium, the airflow on older filters are usually really low and can make prolonged use very uncomfortable. I want to close by saying that getting one of these masks for under $175 is an absolute steal, so go and buy this already. As long as you're aware of the limitations inherent with this design of gas mask, you won't regret buying this!
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I would recommend for a friend

22.03.2020 (Edited 22.03.2020)
Kuten moni varmastikin, ostin maskin käyttöön näissä nykyisissä vessapaperinpuutteisissa oloissa.
Olen tutustunut kaasumaskeihin aikaisemmin vain verkon kautta, en ole aikaisemmin omistanut tai käyttänyt kaasunaamaria.
Summaan kuitenkin omia kokemuksia tähän jonkinverran:
-Maskissa on suuri visiiri, eli näkökenttä on todella laaja.
-Maskin koko on standardina paketista M/L, itse kapeakasvoisena ihmisenä saa juuri ja juuri aikaan ilmatiiviiyden. Kokoa tulee harkita tarkkaan, jos tätä saa mistään pienempänä.
-Puheliitäntä piti melkoista "surinaa" aluksi, ja on yleinen ongelma Promaskin kohdalla. Sen voi kuitenkin korjata helposti työntämällä metallisuojusta suun edessä kevyesti hieman edemmäs.
Tässä vielä ohjevideo ns. "kaasumaski-intoilijalta":
-Standardi 40mm liitäntä, Scott valmistaa halpoja ja monityyppisiä filttereitä ja useimpien valmistajien standardi 40mm sopii. Helposti saatavilla mm. agripalvelun kautta.
-Filtterin vaihto maskin kyljestä oli kaasumaskeja aikaisemmin käyttämättömälle hieman hankalaa aluksi. Kannattaa harjoitella.
-Maskia testattu ulkona ja sisätiloissa. Viileässä maskin visiiri tuppasi huuruuntumaan osittain. Toki ongelma voi olla kohdallani uniikki, sillä kasvojeni muodon vuoksi sisämaski ei ole täysin tiivis. Jos meinaat ulkoilla maskin kanssa paljon saa varmuuden vuoksi huuruuntumisenestonestettä vaikka optikon liikkeestä.
-Mainostettu helposti hengitettävänä, ja sitä se olikin ainakin ABEK-3 filtterin kanssa. Sisänaamari on mukavan tuntuinen.

Sain mitä tilasin, maskin laatu ja filtteritarjonta on hyvää. Suosittelen.
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I would recommend for a friend

Bought this one along with a filter in case the powers that be in my country (Netherlands) go decide that people can't go outside without face masks or better so as a zookeeper I want to be prepared because I can't exactly work from home since my landlord probably won't approve of me taking a crocodile home with me.

Mask (probably) works, atleast better than those Soviet rubber socks with asbestos filters (bought before they were banned) that I own, and as icing on the cake I can wear it comfortably with my size 63 head.
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I would recommend for a friend

28.03.2020 (Edited 31.03.2020)
It appears to me that you CANNOT SWITCH THE FILTER SIDE. I have emailed Varusteleka to point this out and they have confirmed there was an error in the text on the website.

If you are a left handed shooter, I suggest you avoid. You cannot in any reasonable manner shoulder a weapon with this mask and a filter on.
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I would recommend for a friend

Asiallisen oloinen sikakyösti. Istuu mukavasti päähän ja tuntuu tiiviiltä (käsitestillä kokeiltuna). Kuten esitetekstisssäkin sanotaan, niin tykin kanssa riehuessa tähtääminen on "oma taiteenlajinsa". Aikaisemmin ostettuun Särmän yleistaskuun (koko L) naamari meni (kuten suositeltu) kuin öljytty nyrkki.....
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I would recommend for a friend



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FRANCESCO C. 04.04.2020
For what reason can you not send this to the USA?
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aly j. 08.04.2020
Have they answered you as to why this specific item cannot be shipped internationally?
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FRANCESCO C. 11.04.2020
No O have Had No Responce
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jacob h. 08.07.2020
I asked them that question on their fb page and they told me was that the masks were restricted to use in Finland due to Covid19. They're prioritizing sales for emergency response centers and what not.
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Jannes E. 01.06.2020
Anyone with experience using this with eyeglasses? Does it fit, is it comfortable?
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