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Savotta Jääkäri L rucksack

Savotta Jääkäri L rucksack

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The Jääkäri L is a large, multi-day pack designed as an update to the old 1980's Finnish Border Guard patrol pack. A very versatile, relatively simple, and bombproof military grade pack. The generous amount of PALS webbing allows for a wide array of different extra pouches to be attached, depending on your personal needs. This pack was formerly known as "Rajajääkäri".

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The Jääkäri L is a large, multi-day pack designed as an update to the old 1980's Finnish Border Guard patrol pack. A very versatile, relatively simple, and bombproof military grade pack. The generous amount of PALS webbing allows for a wide array of different extra pouches to be attached, depending on your personal needs. This pack was formerly known as "Rajajääkäri".


Dimensions of the rucksack are approximately 60-80 x 31 x 22 cm (34.5" - 31.5" x 12.2") with volume of 40-55 liters (2440-3350 inch³). Maximum overpacked volume is around 60 l (3650 inch³). Weighs roughly 2.4 kg (5.3 lb).

Main compartment

The actual bag of the Jääkäri L rucksack has been designed to be slim but still spacious enough for a medium-long hike. The opening of the bag is closed with a waterproof rolltop method that enables freely adjustable overpacking. The rolltop opening is locked with a quick-release fastener of 25 mm (1") and is covered by a flap, which hugs the top of the backpack and is secured with straps.

The generous length of the straps provides a lot of space under the flap for extra supplies, such as a sleeping bag. Furthermore, there is a very spacious zippered pocket for valuables inside the flap.

Inside the bag is a divider that can be closed to split the bag into two sections. The top section includes a pocket against the back that holds the aluminum support frame. Above the pocket, there's a hanging-loop for holding items, such as a hydration bladder. The top of the bag features an exit for a bladder hose, cable, or antenna. The contents of the bottom section of the bag are quickly accessible via a separate zip. The zip includes two pullers with strings so that the bottom section can be opened at the chosen point, even while wearing gloves.

Compression and external carrying capacity

The many details and extensive MOLLE webbing make the rucksack a truly modular and versatile tool. Due to its slim shape, the rucksack is ideal for skiing and hiking in demanding terrain where being able to keep your hands free and available for use is a must.

With the four compression straps on the sides of the Jääkäri rucksack, the bag can be compactly tightened even if it is not full. The compression straps are equipped with quick-release fasteners, and their ample dimensioning enables their use for attaching long items on the sides of the rucksack.

Carrying system

Jääkäri L is not your average anatomical rucksack but a tool designed for a demanding user that will not fail you when the going gets tough. The sturdiness of the original Border Patrol rucksack has received so much praise that Savotta decided not to change the support structure. The bag and carrying system, however, underwent such a drastic modification that it is difficult to recognize the forefather of Jääkäri L.

Due to the strong internal aluminum frame and completely renewed shoulder straps and hip belt, Jääkäri is sturdy to carry. The support frame holds the pack firmly in shape and distributes the burden anatomically to your hips so that your back and shoulders are not overstrained even with a large load. With the compression straps of the bag, even a pack that is not full can be tightened so that it sits firmly and does not jiggle around.

The comfortable hip-belt has adjustment range of 90–150 cm (35.5" - 59"). The length is measured from the user's hips with clothes on.


The fabric is the same PUR coated waterproof and extremely tough MILSPEC 1000D Cordura used to make Finnish military M05 gear! All hardware is military-grade; ITW Nexus buckles and zippers by Kroko of Belgium. The materials, construction, and the attention to detail are all top-notch!

Frame is made of DUR aluminum.

Warranty and guarantee

The product has a 5-year warranty against material and manufacturing defects.

Made by Finn-Savotta Oy

Founded in 1955 Finn-Savotta, or just Savotta, is known for their simplistic and extremely rugged designs. For decades Savotta has been the go-to supplier of hiking gear for the Finnish civilian market and combat gear and tents for the defence forces.

Today Savotta operates two factories, one in Karstula, Finland, where they make all their tents and metal components and one in Estonia where they do about 50% of their sewing.


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I would recommend for a friend

Den bästa ryggsäcken i världen!
18 0 Report abuse
I would recommend for a friend

13.02.2018 (Edited 26.05.2019)
First impression report after the first week of use:

Simple, sturdy and well thought out construction. I can’t see how anything on this pack could break. I’m tired of all that lightweight crap that breaks as soon as you walk through a shrubbery, so this pack looks very promising. I love the feature that you can detach the hipbelt. I can see numerous uses for that. I’ve already used it separately as a Combat/ load carrying belt with pouches attached and the pack without the hipbelt are easier to handle and more useful as a daypack with light loads.

Negative impressions:

Well, nothing major but I would prefer to have the zipper for the compartment in the top-lid on the outside for easier access to the small things you normally store there. Another thing that I find somewhat annoying is that the grab handle flaps forward and starts nagging on the back of my head. No problem when wearing a smock or similar but it could be a pain in warmer conditions. It could probably be fixed with a few centimetres of Velcro.

Uppdate arter more than a year of frequent use.
I bought a few pouches to use with this pack and to the Jääkari M. The pack itself with roll top and all really lack easy access to those things you want to have quickly available during the day. I would say that some pouches are a very useful, almost necessary addition to this pack. There are plenty of room for smaller pouches on the hip belt. That is good. The bad thing about this is if you are very slim it’s not possible to tighten the hip belt enough to make it useful. Another disadvantage with this pack are the limited adjustments of back lengths and widthp. if you are a standard sized male this is no problem but neither my wife or my teenagers at home could make this pack comfortable with heavy loads. So you better make sure it will fit before you buy it.

I still love this pack and wouldn’t change it for anything. It fits me perfectly and it will last forever. But if you value loads of feature and adjustablilities them you might look for something else.
4 0 Report abuse
I would recommend for a friend

Kelpo kantolaite. Lantiovyön kun poistaa, sopiva esim päivän pilkkireissulle. Kesän reissuja odotellessa.
6 1 Report abuse
I would recommend for a friend

I would recommend for a friend

In my opinion one of the best backpacks in the world. Nearly unbreakable. When you touch it the first time you feel the thoughness of the material, you hear the snap when you close the buckles..the sound of quality..perfect carrying system.
Would i change something? Ney.......
20 0 Report abuse
I would recommend for a friend

Not the cheapest backpack you can buy. But it's not to small, not to big, it's just the way you want it at the time being. Bus and metro with laptop, some change clothes and towel for training? No problem, remove belt, roll up and compress. Your 5 year old want to go to the woods building an orc palace and playing ninjasoldier? No problem, don't roll up, don't compress, attach side pockets, carrying big loads of food and old tarp for palace construction is a great workout. It keeps the your ass rock hard even if middle-aged. Finally, if you just want to be yourself for a moment, go fishing, pack the bag like in the pictures, it will fit all you could need without any side pockets.
It has the same level of comfort as many sporty neon colored bags, but it can take a bit more abuse. It will not rip open if you pass by a bush at looking distance. I have not tried to use it as a chin up rack as in the company's commercial, neither have I passed it over with my car, I leave that to professionals. Have used savottas side pockets, size L. Perfect when you bring a small child who carries no load on his back or worries in his heart. If weather gets colder and food gets less, the pockets can be easily removed and packed, quite light weight material but still sturdy, folds well.
My only problem with this superior product was in deciding whether to buy or not. The price is an issue. You can buy about 2-3 Berghaus backpacks for the price of this one. Actually not a bad choice. I was issued a Berghaus as a conscript 23 years ago, a Berghaus trident, I actually liked that one, but I like my savotta better. As the Americans say " buy once, cry once, a faster way to complacency "
I would buy this product again, I don't think it will be necessary judging by the quality this far, but you never know, thieves are abundant in this crazy world.
All in all I recommend that you buy it.
54 0 Report abuse
I would recommend for a friend

22.06.2018 (Edited 09.05.2020)
Pidän erityisesti rinkan kapeasta ulkomuodosta ja tietynlaisesta askeettisuudesta. Vasta talvimakuupussin hankittuani, olen joutunut investoimaan lisätaskuihin. Rinkkaa on hyvä kantaa eikä tarvitse kyseenalaistaa sen luotettavuutta metsässä. Rinkka on myös miellyttävä näky verkkokalvoille huoneen nurkassa.
1 0 Report abuse
I would recommend for a friend

A great bag if it fits you. Unfortunate it doesn’t seem to be made for joe sixpack. I’ve hiked over 200 km this summer in two weeks with this bag with a load of about 15 kg. The fit for me wasn’t the worst nor the greatest. I’m 187 cm tall with a waistline of about 80 cm. And the hip belt is a bit too big. I have to tighten it all the way to the max and it still doesn’t properly sit a the correct height of my hips and there is too much pressure on my stomach. Even at the highest setting for back length (lowest row of PALS webbing) there is stil too much weight going to the shoulders. I also think the PALS webbing on the back side should be more rigid because it seems to me the fabric starts to collapse under load. So consider your body type before purchasing. (i might recommend to a friend)
9 0 Report abuse
I would recommend for a friend



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Durmus U. 19.04.2020
how is the fit for tall people? im 1.94meter
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