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Särmä Worker Trousers, Wool

Särmä Worker Trousers, Wool

Price 91.99 USD excluding VAT

Särmä Worker Trousers in wool! Classic design from back when men's clothing was both practical and good looking. The best thing about these are the darts in the back and pleats in front. These give more room around the hip area, so the trousers do not crush your balls like all modern trousers do.

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Särmä Worker Trousers in wool! Classic design from back when men's clothing was both practical and good looking. The best thing about these are the darts in the back and pleats in front. These give more room around the hip area, so the trousers do not crush your balls like all modern trousers do.

  • 50/30/20% wool/polyester/acrylic
  • Straight leg, comfortable vintage inspired trousers
  • Made in Estonia

Old Swedish army work trousers are the best, albeit the colour is ugly and they simply are not available anymore. We modelled our worker trousers after them and changed the cotton fabric to wool because hell yeah. The colour is dark blue.

We can't emphasize enough the importance of darted waist - modern undarted waists must be the women's revenge from years of oppression, or simply a cost-saving measure. With these pants, your dingly parts are free from oppression no matter what your posture is. Added plus is that your legs have complete freedom of movement and your pocket contents are actually accessible. These are so comfortable you'd think you're wearing sweatpants. Of course, when you think about it, the extra space provided to the hip area by the darted waist should be fine for the ladies too - it's a deal where everyone wins!

These have a cotton reinforcement inside the waistband, as well as reinforced cuffs.

The belt loops are suitable for up to 50 mm (2") belts, but for the practical working man, we have included buttons for attaching proper braces. Wear them up when working: hanging braces are a signal that you are off duty. The fly is also buttoned.


The suitable fabric was hunted down from Italy: 50% wool because wool is best, 30% polyester for strength and 20% acrylic came in the side. Fabric weight 540 g/m2, comparable to old-timey civilian trousers and not overly bulky. From the outside, it's "unbrushed" because we wanted the slightly rough, matte look for these. On the downside, it collects a lot of hair.

These are definitely at their element during the chillier time of the year, so during summer, you should wear something else, like the cotton version of the Worker Trousers. For really cold you can even layer them up, wool on the bottom and cotton on top, thus negating the need for any further trouser purchases, hohhohhoo.


If you know how to buy jeans, you'll do fine: just the waist and inseam in inches. Note that you can pick a precise waist: the thighs and ass won't be in your way. If you fall between two sizes, pick the smaller one. Lengthwise these are easy to shorten if necessary, or just turn the cuffs.

Below you can find a size chart with the actual centimetre measurements. These are pre-shrunk so they won't get any tighter; if anything, the small elastane content will forgive a bit and just finish the fit.

Horizontal size Waistband Hip Cuff
W28"73 cm98.5 cm40 cm
W30"78 cm103.5 cm41.2 cm
W32"83 cm108.5 cm42.4 cm
W33"85.5 cm111 cm43 cm
W34"88 cm113.5 cm43.6 cm
W35"90.5 cm116 cm44.2 cm
W36"93 cm118.5 cm44.8 cm
W38"98 cm123.5 cm46 cm
W40"103 cm128.5 cm47.2 cm
W42"108 cm133.5 cm48.4 cm
W44"113 cm138.5 cm49.6 cm
W46"118 cm143.5 cm50.8 cm
W48"123 cm148.5 cm52 cm

Vertical size Inseam
L32”81.5 cm
L34”86.5 cm

Made in Estonia, proper stuff.

These are designed in Finland and manufactured in Estonia.

The test run

I was figuring these out with our Särmä design team and this is what we got (my number one colour suggestion, dark bordeaux, didn't fly). After some hot sourcing and ardurous thinking our R&D team found a suitably priced yet nice quality fabric and what do you know, one day we received the first factory samples.

The team threw the sample trousers at me and demanded tough use for a year. At first I had my suspicions about the fabric, containing as much artificial fibers as it did. Well I was wrong; these became my number one trousers for the fall, winter and spring and I hated having to pack them in the closet for summer. They saw washing, hiking, biking, general walking 'round the town and even work use. The fabric does pile up just a bit from the most wear-prone spots. Fortunately these are easily removed with a wool comb and the piling is very mild. Howevr these do suck in every hair they come in contact with so they should be aired out once a day after use - you should actually make this a standard procedure with each garment you use daily to keep them fresh. Other than that, oh my God these are great.

So, this is how we got a pair of trousers which are designed in Finland and manufactured in Estonia of Italian wool fabric for a very reasonable price. Hell yeah!

- Henri Lindberg

Varusteleka Särmä

Särmä is our own brand of clothing and equipment. When you buy Särmä you get purpose-built stuff at a decent price, something that will fill it's intended role well and not cost you an arm and a leg!

Särmä products are covered by a 12-month warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. For further information please read our detailed warranty guide.


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I would recommend for a friend

13.10.2019 (Edited 28.02.2020)
Mainiot housut! Ja mukavat! Mutta! Kyllä tämän hintaisissa ja -laatuisissa housuissa kuuluisi olla takasaumassa vähän ylimääräistä kangasta...JOS vaikka sattuisi vyötäröltä vähän kasvamaan myöhemmin. Ja vyötäröltä napakat nimenomaan kannattaa ottaa, jotta muu istuvuus olisi tarkoituksenmukainen. Vielä jäi seuraavallekin iterointikierrokselle vähän kehitettävää.

EDIT 280220:
Vedätkö pitkät kalsarit talvella slimmien toimistohousujen alle, ihan vaan työmatkaa varten? Ihan turhaa. Nämä kun vetää housujen PÄÄLLE niin on paljon parempi vaihtoehto.
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I would recommend for a friend

Täsmälleen sitä mitä toivoin, ihan kuin puuvillaisetkin, paitsi että napit ovat merkittävä parannus. Viininpunaisetkin ostan jos teette.
1 0 Report abuse
I would recommend for a friend

Great, they have a very nice 1930's ample cut. I wear them for folk dancing, and look like a hipster when I put the braces, but it's so comfy ! An exceptionnal product.
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Varun 27.09.2019
Please make these in W44 and L38
I will buy immediately
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Maxence L. 14.03.2020
Why not make a workwear jacket with the same fabric ? It would look great and make a lot of sense for mid-season work ! Check this :
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