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Särmä TST Spanish Flag Patch, 77 x 47 mm

Särmä TST Spanish Flag Patch, 77 x 47 mm

Price 4.99 USD excluding VAT

Spanish national insignia in full color. With hook backing to slap on your Velcro base.

  • In stock 297 pcs. Also available in our walk-in store. Sold 1 pcs in the last two weeks.
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Spanish national insignia in full color. With hook backing to slap on your Velcro base.

Size: 77 x 47 mm (3" x 1.85").

Made in Finland

These are manufactured by patchmakers who manufacture insignia for the Finnish army, quality stuff!

Särmä TST

Särmä TST is Varusteleka's in-house brand of clothing and gear designed for military and law enforcement end-users. Our clothing and equipment are made in co-operation with a number of experienced manufacturers with a strong background in producing clothing and gear for military and law enforcement officials, most notably for the Finnish Defence Forces. For further reading check out the Särmä TST corner of our website.

Särmä TST products are covered by a 12-month warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. For further information please read our detailed warranty guide.


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Ignacio N. 21.04.2020 (Edited 21.04.2020)
WAW guys.... I so much know you mean well. But this flag in Spain means sooo bad... Is only associated to Franco and fascism. You could actually make the republican one! That would be so freaking cool!!! And it would be sure a hit in the spanish market, I guarantee!! Of course a flag is just a flag, and someone can buying without any nationalistic feelings, but I thought it was a good chance to ask for the republic one. Again, that would be so cool. I doubt we even have them so well made in Spain, though its very popular.
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Pablo V. 21.04.2020
That's bullshit. This is the official (and historical) flag of the country, whether your personal politics sanction it or not. Franco's flag had a different coat of arms. Producing a Republican flag (disclosure, I am republican) would probably alienate half of the Spanish market, while the Republican one can just learn to live with reality.
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Ignacio N. 21.04.2020 (Edited 21.04.2020)
Sure. I said things too radically and personally. To produce the spanish flag, is totally ok. Is not the flag of anything bad. (it was Franco´s from 36-38 but that doesn´t matter). Is the flag of Spain. I had myself one in the backpack in my years in Norway. Which I took off because the meaning it mainly has nowadays and I didn´t feel confortable with it. otherwise it´s just a flag. I sure will not see Iglesias, Echenique or Sanchez wearing it. That´s my point. To say that this flag is not directly associated to VOX in Spain nowadays is, let me say so, not true. ANYWAY that´s not Varusteleka´s fault and it´s cool that they produce it. I didn´t mean the opposite. Now, this said (which is not even important), my main point was: would you guys consider making the republican one?? It would be really something. And it is an important flag in Spain´s history. And I´ll say more: let´s not allow those right wing f***** make the flag their flag.
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