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Särmä TST RP80 recon pack

Särmä TST RP80 recon pack

Price 512.99 USD excluding VAT

The RP80 is a large, top and bottom loading sustainment pack that carries enough gear to keep you going for weeks. Although streamlined and straightforward the pack design offers almost endless possibilities for modular scaling and optimizing.

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The RP80 is a large, top and bottom loading sustainment pack that carries enough gear to keep you going for weeks. Although streamlined and straightforward the pack design offers almost endless possibilities for modular scaling and optimizing.

Designed for the Nordic end-user, this requires large backpacks to be tall and slim, not short and wide as most European and American designs. This design keeps the weight closer and above your center of gravity and spine and allows for unrestricted arm movement when skiing.

  • Volume 80 l (4882 in3)
  • Weight: 3800 g / 8.4 lbs(complete)
    • Main bag only: 1700 g / 600 oz.
    • Frame only: 740 g / 260 oz.
    • Shoulder harness only: 600 g / 210 oz.
    • Hip belt only: 750 g / 260 oz.
  • Adjustable carry system for user heights 160-200 cm / 5' 3 - 6' 6"
  • Roll-top top closure, zipper access at the bottom
  • Cinch cord divider inside main bag
  • Hydration compartment inside main bag
  • Large open bottom corner pouches
  • Side and bottom compression straps
  • PALS webbing on main bag and hip belt
  • Quick release shoulder harness for emergency ditching
  • Materials:
    • 1000D Cordura
    • PES webbing
    • DUR-aluminium (frame)
    • Metal and ITW plastic buckles
    • All materials are NIR compliant

Assembly and height adjustment

The RP80 is delivered unassembled. Assemby and adjustment is your first challenge before taking your new pack into service. Understanding the construction, assembly and height adjustment of the pack are all equally important, so assemble and adjust with thought and care! Here are detailed instructions for RP80 pack assembly and adjustment.

The pack bag

  • Dimensions 85 x 37 x 25 cm / (33.5" x 14.5" x 10") + bottom corner pouches
  • Total volume 80 liters (4882 in3)
  • Two large bottom corner pouches. Volume approx. 2,5 liters / 150 in3 per pouch
  • Drawcord divider inside, top compartment height 60 cm / 23.5", bottom compartment height 25 cm / 10"
  • Roll top closure on top
  • Zippered bottom access with two security/compression straps
  • Two compression straps on each side
  • Hydration bladder compartment inside
  • Uninterrupted PALS matrix goes around the whole upper half of the bag
  • Two vertical attachment point straps along the back
  • Two fixed carry handles on the back of the main bag
  • Comes with three carry handle straps which can be attached wherever you want them!

Carrying system

The RP80 carrying system was designed from scratch instead of just using some ancient FInnish military designs or components. The end result is superior comfort in comparison to the old Finnish military issue systems. One of the most valuable feature of the RP80 carrying system is the adjustable back length. The system can be adjusted to fit users from 160 up to 200 cm / 5' 3" - 6' 6" tall.

Aluminium frame

The frame was designed especially for the RP80 rucksack, we didn´t simply take some outdated design and recycle it. Compared to the decades old Finnish military issue frames this one has a bottom shelf, wider and taller overall dimensions and two parallel vertical reinforcement rods on both sides of the center instead of a single centered one.

Shoulder harness

The padding is thermal moulded and stitched onto 1000D Cordura on top of which all the straps etc. are bartacked. What really sets this design apart from the old Finnish military issue harnesses is the big pads against the back which really make a great difference compared to just a flat length of wide webbing.

The rucksacks back length and overall fit is adjusted by lowering or lifting the attachment height of the shoulder harness. The load lifter straps that run from the top of the shoulder harness to the frame are used to adjust balance on the go, by loosening the straps the pack hangs further away from your body and the weight is transferred onto the hips. By tightening the straps the pack moves closer to your body and more weight is put on the shoulders.

The lower adjustment of the shoulder harness is done using two, virtually indestructible, welded steel D-rings which also offer a means of quick release by pulling the attached webbing handles upwards.

Hip belt

And once more, also the hip belt was designed from scratch instead of just copying some ancient Finnish military design. The hip belt is thoroughly padded and topped with PALS webbing for pouch attachment. The big lower back pillow can be opened up for the hip belt to be tucked away when you dont want to use it. The construction is overall really strongly padded and rigid.

Modular and configurable

Overall volume and many other features of the rucksack are easily modified according to user specific needs:

  • Tie-down straps: by running a couple of utility straps through the vertical attachment points on the back you can easily tie a sleeping mat or similar bundles to the far back of the pack.
  • Side pouches: add a few XL utility pouches for extra pack volume and added organizing options.
  • Hip belt: attach a bunch of pouches here for easy access to critical gear.
  • Daypack lid: a quick-detach top lid which transforms into a small daypack, possibly the smartest way of integrating a daypack into your sustainment load. Take a look at our illustrated tutorial on the subject: Särmä TST backpack use as daypack lids
  • Cargo panel: such as the Särmä TST Modular Beavertail a very simple and versatile addition which allows you to attach and compress all kinds of extra gear on the outside of the main pack.


Made of the same materials and hardware (1000D Cordura, webbing, ITW Nexus buckles etc.) that are used in the production of the Finnish military M05 combat equipment. High quality, totally NIR compliant and all that, naturally.

Made in Finland and Estonia

These manufactured in co-operation with Finn-Savotta Oy (Finlands leading military and outdoors gear manufacturer and the main load bearing equipment contractor for the Finnish Defence forces). Depending on the situation production runs are sewn either in Savotta's Finnish or Estonian factory, sometimes even partially in Finland and partially in Estonia. The little printed tags tell where exactly each particular product was sewn.

Särmä TST

Särmä TST is Varusteleka's in-house brand of clothing and gear designed for military and law enforcement end-users. Our clothing and equipment are made in co-operation with a number of experienced manufacturers with a strong background in producing clothing and gear for military and law enforcement officials, most notably for the Finnish Defence Forces. For further reading check out the Särmä TST corner of our website.

Särmä TST products are covered by a 12-month warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. For further information please read our detailed warranty guide.


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4.67 / 5
9 ratings
Suomi (4)
English (5)
I would recommend for a friend

Very robust and no nonsense rucksack, built like a tank and distributes weight very nicely, cleverly designed so you can roll it down small or release the compression straps for full capacity! A modular and dependable bag, would definitely recommend!
10 1 Report abuse
I would recommend for a friend

Puolitoista vuotta olen nyt rinkkaa ulkoiluttanut vaelluksilla, metsillä sekä packraft hommissa ja kovasti pidän! Omaani olen laittanut lisäksi kaksi savotan L-kokoista pystytaskua ja Berghausin mmps grab bag:in irroitettavaksi päiväreppuläpäksi jotta varmasti saan kulkemaan enemmän tavaraa kuin on tarve/järkevää. Parhaimmillaan rinkassa on kulkenut yhtäaikaa reppulautta kaikkine tarpeineen, kota ja kahden päivän syys-vaellukselle kaikki tarvittava, painoa koko komeudelle kerty hieman yli 30kg. Rinkan sai säädettyä siten että paino ei tuntunut kovinkaan pahalta vaikka kilometrejä kertyi soisessa maastosa reilustikkin.
Hyvin on rakennettu, ei ole kovallakaan käytöllä mennyt rikki ja on nähnyt mualimoo.

4 1 Report abuse
I would recommend for a friend

I am in love with this backpack. I dislike ultralight hiking, and instead like to use the most durable and suitable equipment, which means I need a backpack that can handle the load and doesn't make me feel burdened. This is by far the most comfortable backpack I have ever used, even with ridiculously heavy loads. The modularity is also impressive. When you put it together, remember to grease the threads on the turn buckle to prevent galling. Also, some of the metal buckles really should have a rubberized coating, but since they don't I suggest cutting up strips of bicycle inner tube and wrapping them around the frame in all places in which rubbing could occur.
12 0 Report abuse
I would recommend for a friend

The pack feels very solid and bulky, I fill the pack with gallon full of water and jogging with it. It doesn't feel uncomfortable at all and it stay on.

Also, do update the assembly instruction. Some part of the bag is slightly different and took me more time to figure it out.
7 0 Report abuse
I would recommend for a friend

23.09.2019 (Edited 27.10.2019)
Ei niitä turhia selkä tai hartia kipuja, mitä intissä sai kokea. Rinkka täyttää kaikki vaatimukset ja hieman ylikin. Suosittelen lämpimästi!
Modulaarien osto hyvin suotavaa.
1 0 Report abuse
I would recommend for a friend

Muuten hyvä, mutta ensimmäistä kertaa Lappiin lähtiessä laitoin rinkkaan n. 25kg painoa. Kävikin ilmi, että lisäpainon kanssa rinkan liivekkeiden remmit luistavat auki aika pahasti.
2 0 Report abuse
I would recommend for a friend

This is an amazing rucksack!

Hello, I am a US Army Soldier and I really like this pack, it is undoubtedly the most comfortable rucksack I have ever used. I have used it is wet and rainy conditions and hot and dry conditions no matter what it functions as need. I have used it for training, duty during training and backpacking. It is very easy to adjust and get it to fit your person perfectly, and it is comfortable to wear with body armor and a plate carrier. It is great, but it is not perfect. I would have love if this pack was available in black or Multicam. It would have been nice to have additional pockets or pouches on the interior on the main pack or lower pack for small item organization. I would have been nicer to use a titanium frame in order to reduce weight and increase durability and it would have been nice to have buckle sidesteps instead of sew in side straps. not the less if you have a need for a heavy duty rucksack I would highly recommend the RP80.
4 3 Report abuse
I would recommend for a friend

27.07.2020 (Edited 27.07.2020)
Was waiting for this backpack for some 6 months or so.
Materials and fabrics meet all expectations. Molle webbing indeed 100% accurate.
Really 100% adjustable. Very important for carrying different type of loads and/or weight. Recommendable for taller people. (myself 1,92 mtr.).
Reason for ordering Särmä TST RP80 recon pack, was the 100% adjustable shoulder harness and hip belt.

In our service we used some 30 years the venerable and bombproof Berghaus Vulcan I/II. Later supplemented with the "vario-back" Lowe Alpine Saracens.
The Berghaus Vulcan, only 3 size options. The Lowe Saracen had "vario options", but was actually not 100% adjustable.

After parting with our faithful Berghaus Vulcan II, we where supplied with Berghaus Vulcan IV.
First shock, the material was much thinner. Probably more high-tech, but a simple flashlight could shine to some extend trough the fabrics. Second shock, made in PRC/China.
2 0 Report abuse
I would recommend for a friend

11.08.2020 (Edited 11.08.2020)
Vihdoin ja viimein Postin hukattua rinkkaani Porin rahtikeskuksessa laittoman monta päivää, sain rinkkani eilen noudettua ja koottua, joten ihan vielä en ole päässyt testaamaan, paitsi yleistuntumaa kahdella tyynyllä ja peitolla. PV:ssa palvelukseni tiedustelualiupseerina suorittaneena, se PV:n kamala rinkka tuli tutuksi: karmea laitos joka painoi olkapäiden hermot piukealle, järkyttävä lantiovyön metallinen solki, jota ei kiireellisessä irtiotossa saanut paikallensa, olkahihnat, joita ei pystynyt nopeasti säätämään.

Särmä TST RP80 on toista maata: mukava, modulaarinen, säädettävissä nopeasti ja kaikenkokoisille ihmisille.

Lantiovyö on on erityisen mukavasti pehmustettu solumuovilla, joka aluksi herätti epäilykseni, mutta osittautui todella kelvolliseksi ratkaisuksi. Myös lantiovyön tyyny lisää huomattavasti kantomukavuutta, plussaa irroitettavuudesta.

Olkahihnoissa on myös pehmustettua solumuovia, mikä lisää kantomukavuutta jakamalla painoa. Olkahihnojen kahdella D -lenkillä yksinkertaisesti toteutettu säätö on nopea, mutta myös pitävä ratkaisu, mikä tiedustelijaa ajatellen tärkeää, kun tiedustelija heittää rinkan päänsä yli ja hihnat täytyy kiristää nopeasti. Myös hihnojen hätävapautus on kätevä ominaisuus, joka sekin tapahtuu yksinkertaisesti vetämällä hihnoja päinvastaiseen suuntaan.

Alumiinirunko on kevyt, mikä pudottaa rinkan painoa huomattavasti. Itse reppupussi on h******n tilava, PU -pinnoitettua corduraa. Hyvä ominaisuus reppupussissa on sen leveys, mikä vaikuttaisi PV:n rinkkaa leveämmältä, mahdollistaen tavaran paremman asettelun ja rullasulku mahdollistaa reilun ylipakkauksen järkevästi.Reppupussin yläkiinnitys on järkevästi tehty kahdella soljettomalla lenkillä, joten pussi ei myöskään pääse löystymään ja irtoamaan. Palssi pinnalla antaa laajan mahdollisuuden kasvattaa jo entuudestaan tilavan rinkan kokoa huikeasti taskuviritelmillä. Yksi negaiivinen asia kiinnitti huomioni: makuupussiosaston hihnoja ei ole ommeltu kiinni reppupussiin.

Pros and Cons:

+ mukava
+ modulaarinen
+ tilava
+ pikasäädöt
+ ruuvikiristys

- makuupussiosaston irtonaiset hihnat
- kokoaminen

Jälkihuomautuksena ihmeteltäköön, miksei PV tilaisi näitä rinkkoja taistelijoilleen...
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