Särmä TST mittens w/ trigger finger

59.99 USD
Särmä TST mittens w/ trigger finger
M05 winter woodland camo
M05 snow camo
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Särmä merino fingerless gloves
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Särmä merino fingerless gloves

9.99 USD

A pair of fingerless gloves. Beside the timeless homeless impression, fingerless gloves leave your fingertips free for all kinds of fiddling and work pretty well as glove liners. These are better than most, being made of Merino wool in a place called Tampere just north of here.

Särmä TST M05 cold weather parka

Särmä TST M05 cold weather parka

157.99 USD

Our own, improved version of the Finnish military issue M05 cold weather parka. Our enhanced version features two large, flat sleeve pockets velcro-adjustable cuffs, velcro for patches and best of all: far superior materials. MILSPEC, just a bit better!

Särmä TST M05 cold weather trousers

Särmä TST M05 cold weather trousers

137.99 USD

Our own, improved version of the Finnish military issue M05 cold weather trousers. Our enhanced version features added thigh pockets, a high bib, an improved waist adjustment band and best of all: far superior materials.

Särmä TST M05 fur hat

Särmä TST M05 fur hat

26.99 USD

The official cold weather fur hat of the Finnish defence forces, with our own little improvements. The fur hat has very, very long traditions in the Finnish army, it was actually after experiences in the Winter War of 1939 against us Finns that the Soviets adopted their now legendary Ushanka fur hats. In Finland the fur hat has been in military service as long as we´ve been independent and is still going strong. A very versatile and configureable model, this can be worn in many ways depending on the situation at hand. Finnish MILSPEC quality!

Särmä TST Combat pack

Särmä TST Combat pack

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A straightforward, small-medium sized pack designed for quick access and carry of the most essential fighting gear. Not too many fancy little details and trinkets, just the things most people really need.

Särmä TST Equipment belt

Särmä TST Equipment belt

39.99 USD

A simply clever PALS compatible belt, what sets this aside from full blooded battle belts is that this one is designed to also function as a backpack hip belt. Strap this onto your combat pack and enjoy the added comfort, stability and load balance. And naturally this gives you good space to attach extra pouches to, increasing your backpacks carry capacity.

Särmä TST M05 snow camo trousers

Särmä TST M05 snow camo trousers

68.99 USD

Our own, improved version of the Finnish military issue M05 snow camo pants. Our enhanced version features belt loops, better waist adjustment and improved leg cuffs with snow locks. MILSPEC, just a bit better!

Särmä TST L2 turtleneck shirt, merino wool

Särmä TST L2 turtleneck shirt, merino wool

59.99 USD

A functional midweight turtleneck shirt for demanding active wear. Made from a polyamide reinforced merino wool blend. Functions both as a heavier base layer or a mid layer, great for both the cold seasons and cool summer nights.

Särmä TST Backpack cover, M05 snow camo

Särmä TST Backpack cover, M05 snow camo

19.99 - 49.99 USD

A snow camouflage cover for backpacks, available in three sizes to fit anything from small combat packs to huge overpacked bergens. Shields your pack from both snow and surveillance, including the NIR spectrum. Finnish MILSPEC quality!

Proper simple, rugged and functional outer shell mittens for military use. Trigger finger and leather/fabric construction with breathable Finnish M05 camouflage fabric shaft.

  • Leather reinforced fingers, thumb and palm.
  • Shaft and back of the palm Finnish M05 camouflage fabric.
  • The long shaft offers great protection from snow
  • Adjustable tightness at wrist and cuff.
  • The cuff drawcords can be used to secure the mittens to your wrists.
  • Sized to fit knit wool gloves underneath.
  • Single layer construction is quick drying and easy to repair if necessary.


Available in three different sizes. These are designed to fit "normal" knit wool gloves or mittens underneath. If you want to use some real thick liner gloves we recommend picking one size larger than normally recommended.

Finnish MILSPEC materials

The textile parts are Finnish military M05 winter camo fabric, 70/30 polyester/cotton. The leather is yak, apart from the little diamond shaped piece at the fork of the index and middle fingers. The webbing used for the adjustment strap is the same hard wearing stuff used in the production of Finnish combat gear. The buckles are high quality ITW-Nexus LadderLocs. Completely NIR compliant.

Varusteleka Särmä TST

Särmä TST is our own family of specialized military gear. All Särmä TST stuff is made in co-operation with Finnish military manufacturers, the most important thing for us is high quality MILSPEC grade materials and construction. This is kit that you can trust to really take a beating!

Made in Finland

Product reviews

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I would rate theese gloves 4 out of 5. Unfortunately I am not able to edit my rating, only the text.

I absolutely love theese gloves. I use them as shell-gloves with thin fingerless woolen glovelettes underneath for back-country skiing. Mind that theese gloves are NOT waterproof and thus theese gloves are better suited for sub-zero temperatures.


Well made with great materials. Well made layout (besides part of stitching). VERY EASY donning, undonning and adjusting. Theese gloves are unlined and the leather is really subtle which allows for low weight, low bulkyness and great dexterity.


Theese gloves unfortunately have a stiching line that runs around the base of the thump were most of the wear is when using ski poles. This stiching line have already begun to show signs of damage om both of my pairs and my guess is that the stitching at this exact spot will give in long before the rest of the gloves.


I normally use gloves size 8.5 to 9. I have theese gloves in both size medium and size large. Size medium is a nice roomy fit with more than enough room for thinner woolen gloves underneath. Size large is too big for my hands unless i wear thick woolen gloves underneath.


I really like theese gloves, do not get me wrong, but they are not more rugged than their weakest part, which is not very rugged. The stitching at the base of the thumb seems to be the critical point - at least if using ski poles. This area could be reinforced with a patch of scrap/waste leather (PacMan shaped) from the main manufacturing process. I would gladly pay the 6,62 euros extra for this 5 minute sewing operation.
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