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Särmä TST Camouflage cloak

Särmä TST Camouflage cloak

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A simple and multifunctional personal camouflage net. Designed for wear as a outermost layer over clothing and gear and for use as a small camouflage net to conceal positions and equipment.

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A simple and multifunctional personal camouflage net. Designed for wear as a outermost layer over clothing and gear and for use as a small camouflage net to conceal positions and equipment.

  • Dimensions 120 x 160 cm
  • Weight (mesh): 550 g
  • Weight (PA fabric): 200 g
  • Tie-down points in the corners
  • Press studs and drawcord for wear as a cloak
  • Materials:
    • Mesh: 100% polyester, 260 g/m2
    • Polyamide ripstop: 100% polyamide, 70 g/m2
    • All materials are NIR compliant

The neat thing about this cloak is that it is simply a rectangular piece of camouflage printed mesh, but by using some some cleverly positioned press studs and a drawcord it turns into a cloak which is worn much like a jacket. The inspiration for this simply smart trick came from Snigel Designs Ghillie Cloak. Unlike Viper hoods, camouflage ponchos with hoods and arm holes etc. this simply clever design keeps the mesh base as a solid rectangular piece of mesh and as such it functions really well as a personal camouflage net for fighting positions and OP's.

The press stud closure system makes it possible to don and doff backpacks from underneath the cloak without removing the cloak itself. By opening up the "sleeve studs" you can remove your pack, rummage through it and then just reverse and close the studs. The studs also offer a quick emergency release of sorts, if you´re in trouble or the cloak has snagged really badly on some branches or crap just rip open the studs and you´re free!

The strong polyester mesh fabric offers a reliable surface for attaching natural camouflage and other added materials to further improve the camouflage effect. This makes it quick and easy to adapt your camouflage to various terrains and seasons.



100% polyester, weight 260 g/m2. The base mesh fabric is the same which is used in many pieces of the Finnish Defence Forces M05 load bearing system, simply printed in M05 camouflage instead of just being dyed solid green.

Polyamide ripstop fabric

100% polyamide with ripstop, weight 70 g/m2. This lightweight fabric does not absorb and gather snow and is more lightweight and packable than the mesh fabric but the downside is that you cannot see through it nor attach extra camouflage to it.

The edges of the fabric are cut and finished only by the reinforcing webbing running along the sides. The stitching on the webbing keeps the fabric from fraying. If the fibres from the rough, unfolded edge of the fabric start to annoy you we recommend a simple trim job: cut and burn with scissors and a lighter. Don't try to pull/rip these fibres off, they won´t snap off and you´ll just end up with a whole lot of long loose fibres.

Sewn in Estonia

These are sewn in Estonia, by an experienced factory that has a long history of producing clothing for military, law enforcement and emergency services.

Särmä TST

Särmä TST is Varusteleka's in-house brand of clothing and gear designed for military and law enforcement end-users. Our clothing and equipment are made in co-operation with a number of experienced manufacturers with a strong background in producing clothing and gear for military and law enforcement officials, most notably for the Finnish Defence Forces. For further reading check out the Särmä TST corner of our website.

Särmä TST products are covered by a 12-month warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. For further information please read our detailed warranty guide.


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I would recommend for a friend

I would recommend for a friend

27.12.2018 (Edited 23.05.2019)
Mahtava tuote
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I would recommend for a friend

Clever design and perfect for concealment. Works great for a person or equipment. It is quite heavy, but sturdy and comfortable to wear. This cloak is perfect in the summer to wear over a lightweight long sleeve shirt instead of a jacket. The winter-camo version will be next and works hopefully as well as the summer-camo.
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