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Särmä TST Boonie Hat

Särmä TST Boonie Hat

Price 30.99 USD excluding VAT

Based on the Finnish Defense Forces issued M05 Boonie hat, our design features proper foliage loops for attaching camouflage, something the official Finnish military issued boonies do not.

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Based on the Finnish Defense Forces issued M05 Boonie hat, our design features proper foliage loops for attaching camouflage, something the official Finnish military issued boonies do not.

  • Lightweight, breathable construction
  • 5.5 cm / 2,2" wide brim, long enough, but not too long
  • Size adjustable using a drawstring with a cordlock
  • Neck/chinband keeps the hat in place when the going gets rough
  • Foliage loop band for attaching camouflage
  • Materials:
    • 50/50 polyester/cotton ripstop/M04 version has a lighter, more breathable, and more durable BOND fabric
    • All materials are NIR-compliant

Finnish M04 desert camo

This pattern is fantastic in the desert environment, from Arizona to the Middle East and beyond. Also quite awesome on shooting ranges, too.


When Finland participated in the UN peacekeeping mission at the border of Ethiopia and Eritrea that began in 2000, the Finnish Defence Forces developed a need for their own desert fatigues. The first prototype camouflage pattern to see use was the K2004, which was deployed in 2003. The first models had a rather thick twill cloth, but later models switched to lighter ripstop fabrics and eventually evolved into the official M04 Hot Weather Uniform.

Unlike the FDF, we at Varusteleka started developing our take on the M05 Clothing System in a different order: we started with woodland and winter models more appropriate for the Finnish climate. Now that we have those aspects covered, we've finally developed our own versions for the arid and desert climates.

Materials and details

This isn't just a new color option. We also switched to an even lighter, more breathable, and more durable fabric than the old one. Also dries faster.

This new fabric is also a 50/50 cotton/polyester blend but it weighs 200g/m2 / 5.8 oz/yd2, so it is 10g/m2 / 0.3 oz/yd2 lighter than the old one. Even though it is lighter, this BOND fabric has a tensile strength of 1000N across the warp, which is 18% better than in the old fabric (850N). Across the fill, it is 700N, which is a whopping 100% better than the old one (350N). The fabric also has an excellent color fastness. (On the scale of 1-5, color fastness to washing is 4 and color fastness to perspiration 4.)

Adjustable size

These come in three sizes, M for small to medium heads, L for larger ones, and XL for massive melons. These are designed to be generously over-sized so that you can fit a warm wool cap or similar underneath the Boonie hat in cold weather. The drawcord around the crown is used to adjust the hat for a custom fit.

Sewn in Estonia

These are sewn in Estonia, at a factory with a long history of producing quality clothing for military and law enforcement agencies.

Särmä TST

Särmä TST is Varusteleka's in-house brand of clothing and gear designed for military and law enforcement end-users. Our clothing and equipment are made in co-operation with a number of experienced manufacturers with a strong background in producing clothing and gear for military and law enforcement officials, most notably for the Finnish Defence Forces. For further reading check out the Särmä TST corner of our website.

Särmä TST products are covered by a 12-month warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. For further information please read our detailed warranty guide.


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4.7 / 5
23 ratings
Suomi (12)
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I would recommend for a friend

17.03.2017 (Edited 17.03.2017)
Boonie hat arrived in UK after only three days since ordering. Quality is superb as is the print, the adjistable toggle at the rear makes all the difference and is a great addition. Trousers and jacket en-route too. If they are anywhere near as good I will be a happy chappy again. Thanks folks, great piece of kit.
30 0 Report abuse
I would recommend for a friend

Tämmöinen tuli ostettua Beninin #ripulireissu hatuksi Afrikan auringolta suojaamaan. Muuten aivan erinomainen lätsä, mutta kuumassa ja kosteassa ilmastossa arvostaisi hieman imukykyisempää ja napakampaa hikinauhaa.
7 0 Report abuse
I would recommend for a friend

Hyvä lisä M05 tuoteperheeseen. Mukavan tuntuinen päässä.Nuppi tuppaa kylläkin kuumenemaan, kun liikutaan reippaasti ... verkolliset tuuletusreiät kuvun sivussa, jenkki boonien malliin, olisivat lisää parhautta jo ennestään hyvään tuotteeseen.
Lieriin integroitu hyttysverkko voisi olla menestys, erityisesti räkän aikaan (Rothco 5583 booniessa sellainen on).
28 0 Report abuse
I would recommend for a friend

28.10.2017 (Edited 28.03.2018)
Fast delivery! Picked it up in size M. Wide enough for 58 cm. Great camo scheme. Thank you Varusteleka Team...
11 0 Report abuse
I would recommend for a friend

02.03.2018 (Edited 02.03.2018)
Loistotuote! Kuvio hyvännäköinen ja selkeä. Hattu on mukava päässä,ja koko M juuri sopiva. Kiristys-ja löysennysvaraa löytyy. Kiinityslenkit risuja ja muita luonnon antimia varten hyvä lisä. Maastouttaa hyvin enkä mietimisenkään jälkeen keksi pahaa sanottavaa. M05 metsäkuvio on jotain niin mahtavaa
6 0 Report abuse
I would recommend for a friend

13.03.2018 (Edited 13.03.2018)
I would recommend for a friend

Tuotenimi väärä jokainen mosakin tietää että tää on seikkailuhattu
152 8 Report abuse
I would recommend for a friend

Bought the cold weather one, really well made, water resistant and perfect fit !

I would recommend this boonie
8 0 Report abuse
I would recommend for a friend

Mukavasti istuva hattu laadukkaasta M05 Cooltex-kankaasta. Hatun sisäpinta istuu mukavasti päähän ja hatun ulkopinta hylkii vettä. Hattu vaikuttaa todella hyvälaatuiselta ja kestävältä ompelutyön laadun perusteella. Säätövaraa löytyy kiristysnarun avulla.
3 1 Report abuse


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