Särmä shorts

29.99 EUR
Särmä shorts
Olive green

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Särmä trouser belt, black

Särmä trouser belt, black

3.99 EUR

A simple military style trouser belt, 3 cm wide and 130 cm long, easily shortened to any desired length. Made from polyester webbing with a nickel-free steel buckle.

Särmä merino wool T-shirt, black

Särmä merino wool T-shirt, black

32.99 EUR

A basic black T-shirt is the staple of men's wear these days, you can wear it just about anywhere from the great outdoors to office cubicles, under other clothes or as is. We took that classic, simple design and made it out of merino wool, resulting in a a fantastic shirt for casual wear. Inconspicuous, minimalistic and simply good looking, but with all the great properties of merino wool.

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Teesar Boonie hat, olive drab

Teesar Boonie hat, olive drab

9.99 EUR

A US army style boonie hat in olive drab.

Mil-Tec collared shirt, short sleeve, khaki

Mil-Tec collared shirt, short sleeve, khaki

17.99 EUR

A basic, comfortable summer shirt. Short-sleeved model. 100% cotton ripstop.

Bollé Voodoo ballistic sunglasses

Bollé Voodoo ballistic sunglasses

19.99 EUR

Protective sunglasses for cheap! These are really tough, as they have certified ballistic protection. We got an outlet batch for cheap, and once these are gone, they are gone.

Salomon XA Pro 3D MID Forces, Burro

Salomon XA Pro 3D MID Forces, Burro

159.99 EUR

Tactical offroad sneakers with subdued colour scheme. Means these have a superb fit & comfort and provide enough protection, while the desert tan colour means these pass for military use. No membranes at all to guarantee the best possible breathability.

Särmä Common denim shorts, blue

Särmä Common denim shorts, blue

49.99 EUR

As difficult it is finding proper standard jeans, so is hunting for equally nice jeans shorts. They all tend to be off in some way. Well now you can stop looking - these are cut like our Common Jeans, but with shorter leg!

Särmä cargo trousers

Särmä cargo trousers

39.99 EUR

Lightweight, practical and comfy polycotton ripstop trousers with an excellent cut. Because we had these made in huge volumes, the end price could be kept very reasonable.

Lightweight, practical and comfy polycotton ripstop shorts with an excellent cut. We'd been looking to make good shorts and the solution was simply to take a nice military style trouser model and cut the leg in half! Because we had these made in huge volumes, the end price could be kept very reasonable.


  • A high waist, at least compared to modern standards. It's just slightly higher at the back. This is welcome news for any gentleman who likes to tuck his shirt in, but also suits the barbarian whose unsightly buttcrack would otherwise probably show when sitting.
  • Cut designed for ease of movement.
  • Reinforced seat.
  • Button fly. A tad slower to use compared to zippers but virtually indestructible.
  • 5 cm wide belt loops, these are wide enough for real belts too. There's a button adjustment too.


  • Large, bellowed cargo pockets with velcro closure. The rear of the flap is sewn on the leg to prevent it from getting dog-eared. However as a nice bonus these do not stand out much when empty.
  • Standard slash pockets. These are pretty much like in many jeans, slightly more on the front side.
  • A "smart phone pocket" on the front.
  • Back pockets with velcro closure.


Made of ripstop reinforced 65/35% cotton/polyester. Light enough to be very airy and comfy, but probably about as strong as bit thicker 100% cotton ripstop.

Wash in 30 degrees Celsius.


The drop down menu shows recommended user waist circumference, but for those who want exact measurements please refer to this table:

Size Waist Inseam
Small Regular 78 cm 31,5 cm
Medium Regular 88 cm 32,5 cm
Large Regular 98 cm 33,5 cm
X-Large Regular 108 cm 34,5 cm
2X-Large Regular 120,5 cm 35,5 cm

Varusteleka Särmä

Särmä is our own brand of clothing and equipment. When you're buying Särmä you're getting purpose built stuff at a decent price, something that will fill it's intended role well and not cost you an arm and a leg!

Made in China.

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-Takataskut voisivat olla pikkuisen leveämmät, jotta A5-kokoisen vihkon mahtuisi työntämään niihin (kesällä tuli käytyä muutamissa con-loppuisissa tapahtumissa, joissa ohjelmalehtinen oli aina kyseistä kokoa). A5 mahtuu kyllä reisitaskuun, mutta läpätön takatasku olisi nopeampi käyttää.
-Pari vyölenkkiä voisi olla lisää, ja yhdet lähempänä sepalusta.
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