Särmä premium merino socks, lightweight

18.99 USD
Särmä premium merino socks, lightweight
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Särmä merino socks
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Särmä merino socks

9.99 USD

If you still use cotton socks, dump them now and get these instead. These are superb for outdoor use, but work just as well as formal wear too! These aren't thick, so they can be used around the year. Made with our own specs in Finland.

Särmä premium merino socks, heavyweight

Särmä premium merino socks, heavyweight

18.99 USD

Our vision of serious socks for demanding conditions like hiking and military use. Lightweight, durable & moisture wicking, well fit for summer, or winter too if you wear thicker socks over them - the knee-long shaft will also come in handy. Will not roll up in use.

BW darning thread, 20 m, surplus

BW darning thread, 20 m, surplus

0.99 USD

We have an idea. Instead of throwing worn quality socks & other clothes away, why not just fix them? This German army patching thread will provide you 20 metres of extended life for your garments. Save many a buck by spending just one!

Haix Black Eagle Tactical 20 High

Haix Black Eagle Tactical 20 High

126.99 USD 199.99 USD

You take a sneaker, a bunch of German engineering, a traditional combat boot and mix them together. The result: hi-leg boots that work like running shoes, made extremely well of modern materials. Of course these also have the essential Gore-Tex membranes and stuff, and the fit & form are of course top notch. Upper made mostly of leather, this is the more "traditional" model of the Black Eagle lineup.

Särmä Coolmax T-shirt

Särmä Coolmax T-shirt

18.99 USD

Coolmax is a brand name many people know and trust, a leading manufacturer of moisture wicking fabrics for active sportswear. Our Coolmax T-shirt is made for all those times when you need something better than just an old cotton tee, a comfortable tight fitting cut, raglan sleeves and a great hem lenght makes it perfect for sports, hiking or just everyday wear in warm weather.

Särmä TST L1 boxers, merino wool

Särmä TST L1 boxers, merino wool

27.99 USD

Pure function with zero regard for sexy looks. The long, tight legs and high waist combined with the stretchy and comfortable merino wool fabric is what makes these merino wool boxer briefs a fantastic choice for demanding active wear. These offer great comfort even over extended periods of time.

Our vision of serious socks for demanding conditions like hiking and military use. Lightweight, durable & moisture wicking, very well fit for summer, or winter too if you wear thicker socks over them or just take a short run. Will not roll up in use.

Bottom, heel and toe areas have a large Merino wool content, while the rest of the sock is made of moisture wicking technical materials, kept thin and airy for better circulation. On the center you'll find a little stretchy bit to finish the fit.

Good for military, hiking & outdoor use, sports and of course anything else less demanding than these.

Materials 40 % Coolmax, 28 % Merino wool (mulesing free), 20 % polypropylene, 7 % polyamide, 5 % elasthane. Because of the wool content, these need one wash cycle before they fit perfectly. You can wash these in 40 degrees Celsius, but if you hang them to air after use, they usually don't need much washing.

Size info

Sized according to European shoe sizes, with corresponding common S, M, L etc. sizes in brackets. See the chart below for further reference:

EU sizeSimple sizeUS shoe size
34-36X-SmallUS 2½-4½
37-39SmallUS 5-6½
40-42MediumUS 7-9
43-45LargeUS 9½-12
46-48X-LargeUS 13-15

Varusteleka Särmä

Särmä is our own brand of clothing and equipment. When you buy Särmä you get purpose built stuff at a decent price, something that will fill it's intended role well and not cost you an arm and a leg!

Made in Finland!

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Laadukkaan oloiset sukat. Ensimmäinen pari ollut useamman viikon päivittäisessä käytössä erilaisten kenkien kanssa, ja hyvin ovat toimineet. Istuu hyvin jalkaan, varsi ei ole ainakaan vielä löystynyt tai ruvennut valumaan, mitä on paksumpien ja vanhempien Lekan merinovillasukkien kanssa käynyt. Omat jalat hikoaa todella paljon, ja sukat suorastaan lilluvat hiessä päivittäin. Parvekkeelle yön ajaksi tuulettumaan, ja seuraavana päivänä ovat taas käyttökelpoiset. Alussukkaa en ole kokeillut näiden kanssa käyttää, joten kokemus on kovasti hikoilevalla se, että sukat kostuu jonkin verran jokatapauksessa, mutta eivät tunnu onneksi aivan kamalilta jalassa. Materiaali on mukavan pehmeää, eikä tunnu sisäpuolelta irtoavan ja kökkööntyvän ikävästi varsinkaan jalkapohjan alle hikoilun seurauksena, mitä monet muut sukat tuntuvat tekevän.

Suhteellisen suolainen hinta yhdestä parista, mutta eipä näitä onneksi tarvitse välttämättä vaihdella niin useasti, joten pareja ei tarvitse sen takia ostaa varastoon. Toimii varmaan hyvin kesäkuumallakin vähemmän hikoilevalla, joka tarvitsee taktiseen menoon sen mukaisia sukkia.
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