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SADF combat trousers, Nutria, surplus

SADF combat trousers, Nutria, surplus

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Alright now hear up, we got a batch of real deal South African field trousers, which will be rare and expensive after a short while. Even if you're not into the whole SADF thing, these are properly good cargo trousers! Only officers' sizes available!

Vintage from the Apartheid era. These are not in active service anymore, and not even really sold to the civilian market either at any point in the history. In theory these are pretty basic pair of combat trousers, but the general cut is thought out pretty well - these are actually quite neat for what they are. Notable characteristics include large belt loops, the first aid pocket on the front and the strong fabric, along with Nutria brown colour. Belt not included!

Wash in 40 degrees Celsius, maybe even 60. Drip dry only.

Size info

Read carefully!

These have been rather lofty sizes in their former lives, so big there was no use for them in the SADF. Someone tailored them smaller, but they're still pretty large as far as surplus goes.

Sizes first by the the waist circumference and leg inseam of the trousers themselves, then the "easy size" marked on the trousers. Measure your waist from the navel and inseam from crotch to the point where you want the leg cuff to hang. DO NOT pick by the easy size alone.

Genuine SADF surplus

In very good used condition. Only small signs of use at worst. There are some small evidence of the tailoring process, like different colour sewing thread, some extra seam or a buttonhole in a funny place or something. The front creases are also a bit on the sides, but you don't really pay attention to this.

While they have a ton of military kit circling around in Africa, the stuff is usually used up in the spot or just sold to another state. That's why African surplus is relatively rare.


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31.12.2018 (Edited 31.12.2018)
Pikkasen leveät, mutta kaventaminen ei onneksi ole ongelma. Tuohon ensisidetaskuunhan menee sopivasti nykyaikainen jäätävänkokoinen puhelin, tosin vyötärön kiristysnaru epäsymmetrisenä on aika turha. Ainakin omat housuni tulivat uudenveroisessa kunnossa.
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