Russian folding spade, spring steel

45.99 EUR
Russian folding spade, spring steel
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Throw away every blade you've got and get one of these instead! The folding model is even rougher than the standard wooden shafted one.

Very simple, very durable and pretty sharp when considering that, when all is said and done, this is a shovel. All the metal used in this is heat treated spring steel. You know, the stuff found on the suspension of proper heavy army trucks. Come to think of it, maybe the material is actually stolen from an Ural truck rusting in some godforsaken scrap yard. The folding handle is the stuff of legends on its own right: made of thick steel tube and covered with something like hydraulic tube (really). On the paper there's a pick feature function too, and it might even work; you can only either fold or unfold the blade by using the steel nut to tighten & loosen. The overall attention to small details - or lack of it - is typically Russian, but these are pretty damn strong and surprisingly well made.

They advertise this as a tool for rocky and clay-ridden terrain. Hell, it might work for that too, but we think this belongs right next to your chainsaw and shotgun for when shit hits the fan.

Length about 50 cm, weight 1175 grams.

Made by Tactic-9

Factory new, made in Russia by Tactic-9 - that's right, these are no Western copies, but come directly from some un-heated factory near Moscow!

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