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Princeton Tec Switch MPLS

Princeton Tec Switch MPLS

Price 61.99 USD excluding VAT

It's difficult to make a personal task light smaller and lighter than this. The Switch MPLS fits anywhere, but also attaches to anything!

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It's difficult to make a personal task light smaller and lighter than this. The Switch MPLS fits anywhere, but also attaches to anything!

Princeton Tec Switch is more versatile compared to Point. It has two different LED options (various combinations available) to get a small but critical amount of light where you need it. The flexible boom allows you to direct the light as you please.

MPLS means that a bunch of attaching adapters are included.

Functions and features

A small torch shouldn't have many features, so it's quite simple. Just three modes and intuitive principles switching between them.

Basic features

  • Three modes
  • Low red (or other option) always comes on first
  • Easy adjustment in any direction
  • Can be attached to headgear, rails or a shirt collar

Button functions

Even if you're a mouth-breather and your lips move when you read, you'll do fine with this torch.

  1. A single press always turns the light on or off
  2. A quick follow-up press boosts power
  3. A longer press switches to bright white, whether the light is on or off

To go through your backpack, read a map or check the trail immediately before your eyes, a low setting is best, so it's the primary mode. There's no "previous mode memory", so the functions are always the same and you get used to them quickly.

Modular Personal Lighting System

Enough straps on your gear? Clip the torch on your head, helmet or plate carrier with various options: Picatinny, Helmet side, Arc rail, above rail, PALS (MOLLE) bracket and hat clip are all included with the Switch MPLS. The hat clip also works with shirt pockets and collars.

Tech details

  • 10 lumens
  • 2x CR 2016 lithium batteries included
  • 36 hours burn time
  • 16 grams
  • Water resistant to IPX4 standard

Made by Princeton Tec, USA

Princeton Tec is an old and respected manufacturer of professional handheld illumination. In addition to smart design and operating features, these are actually manufactured in the United States. This is a refreshing exception to outsourcing, especially since the price is still competitive.

Princeton Tec offers a 1-year warranty for this model.


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