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Princeton Tec Impulse flashlight

Princeton Tec Impulse flashlight

Price 12.99 USD excluding VAT

When you carry a Princeton Tec Impulse, you'll always have a reliable light for MacGyvering in the dark, without the bulk of "actual" torches. It's is the ultimate personal multi-task light!

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When you carry a Princeton Tec Impulse, you'll always have a reliable light for MacGyvering in the dark, without the bulk of "actual" torches. It's is the ultimate personal multi-task light!

Featuring a quick release clip and hat clip, you can keep the Impulse available where you are most likely to need it. Get several for each of your keychains and backpacks! Impulse is Underwriters Laboratories approved, which means it's safe to use in hazardous environments without igniting stuff.

Functions and features

A small torch shouldn't have many features, so it's quite simple. The Impulse has just three modes! The flash mode isn't a stupid fast strobe, but rather like a blinking indicator or beacon, to draw attention and preserve batteries.

Basic features

  • Three modes
  • Modes cycle through "high, low, flash, off"
  • Can be clipped to belt loop and such, or a hat or shirt pocket

Switching between the hat clip and carabiner hook might require quite a bit of effor especially the first times you're doing it, the fit is tight.

Technical specs

  • Power: 10 Lumens
  • 1 Ultrabright LED
  • Burn time: 48 Hours
  • 2x CR 2016 lithium batteries (included)
  • Weight: 14 g
  • Water resistant to IPX4 standard
  • UL rating: Class I Division 2, Groups A, B, C & D
  • UL temp code: T6

Made by Princeton Tec, USA

Princeton Tec is an old and respected manufacturer of professional handheld illumination. In addition to smart design and operating features, these are actually manufactured in the United States. This is a refreshing exception to outsourcing, especially since the price is still competitive.

Princeton Tec offers a 10-year warranty for this model. User manual (PDF).


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I would recommend for a friend

24.08.2018 (Edited 29.03.2019)
If you are after a flashlight for the every day and small, this is the one. Quite tough and practical. Light enough to walk in the forest at night (if this is all you have), look for things in the storehouse, check the car in the night and so on. It has a thing I love, normally you have to go, let´s say: strong-soft-beacon-off. No matter in which one you stay one must go trough all the modes to put it off. But in this one, if you use for example strong more than 2 sec, the light recognizes you are using that one, and next mode will be directly "off". I think it is extremely smart and tactical. May be now all the flashlight have it but i thought it was a great thing. Hats off for this little buddy. Also it didn’t have any trouble in functioning during a -20 winter, which it’s something to have in mind. Actually I have it like a year ago and I didn’t still change the battery. It saved me already a couple of times, I mean it.
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I would recommend for a friend

Eipä tälle osaa oikein pisteitä antaa, kun pakkauksessa toimitetut paristot täysin tyhjät heti lähdöstä. Kannattaa varmaan tilata heti kerralla nuo suositellut mukaan.. Katsotaan kunhan saan käytyä tuolta kaupungilta ostamassa uudet niin millainen arvpstelu sitten tulee valosta itsestään.
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