Princeton Tec Fred headlamp

Princeton Tec Fred headlamp

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Quite possibly the smartest achievement mankind has made when it comes to headlamps or head torches. Are you tired of the bulk and unnecessary complexity of most headlamps? Check this out. The Fred from Princeton Tec is exactly what most people really need in a high-quality package with a reasonable price.

A special point of interest is the slick shape and small size, which seems like a slightly flattened medium-sized egg. Everything is integrated, so you don't have separate battery cases and wiring flinging about. The Fred can really be carried in a pocket without noticing.

Functions and features

Fred stands out of the masses because it's so simple. You don't really need a hundred brightness, colour and strobe settings behind complex Konami-codes of pressing buttons for so and so long. It also turns off with a single press of the button, no need to cycle through all the settings each time.

The battery case is opened with the tip of a knife, a small coin or something. The slide-buckle of the headband just so happens to have a suitable tab on it, so you never need to look for a tool.

To attach the light to a shoulder strap or any 25 mm (1") webbing as found on MOLLE gear, just weave the band off the split-bars and go nuts.

Basic features

  • Four modes
  • Low red always comes on first
  • Small size and streamlined form
  • Easy adjustment up and down by one hand
  • Adjustable elastic headband
  • Can be attached to any 25 mm (1") webbing

Button functions

Even if you're a mouth-breather and your lips move when you read, you'll do fine with this torch.

  1. A single press always turns the light on or off
  2. A quick follow-up press boosts power
  3. A longer press changes colour, whether the light is on or off

To go through your backpack, read a map or check the trail immediately before your eyes, a low red setting is best, so it's the primary mode. There's no "previous mode memory", so the functions are always the same and you get used to them quickly. Here's how to get a certain mode right away from the off-position:

  • Red low: press once
  • Red high: press twice
  • White low: press and hold
  • White high: press and hold, then press once more

Tech details

  • Output max. 45 lm
  • LEDs: 3x ultrabright 1x red
  • Total burn time max. 180 h
  • Weight 78 g
  • Splash resistant to IPX4-standard
  • 3x AAA-batteries (included)

Burn times

ModeBeam distanceTotal burn time*
High35 m74 h
Low12 m120 h
Red high14 m100 h
Red low6 m180 h

* Down to 0.25 Lux.

Made by Princeton Tec, USA

Princeton Tec is an old and respected manufacturer of professional handheld illumination. In addition to smart design and operating features, these are actually manufactured in the United States. This is a refreshing exception to outsourcing, especially since the price is still competitive.

Princeton Tec offers a 5-year warranty for this model.

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