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Polish Enamel Piss Pot, Surplus
Polish Enamel Piss Pot, Surplus.
Polish Enamel Piss Pot, Surplus.
Polish Enamel Piss Pot, Surplus.
Polish Enamel Piss Pot, Surplus.

Polish Enamel Piss Pot, Surplus

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Polish Enamel Piss Pot, Surplus.
Polish Enamel Piss Pot, Surplus.
Polish Enamel Piss Pot, Surplus.
Polish Enamel Piss Pot, Surplus.

Pissed off by having to take a piss in the middle of your beauty sleep? Slam this plump East European design piss pot on your night table and you no longer have to bother. This will fit 1.5 liters (1.59 quart), so you can sleep as long as you want without a care in the world. It’ll work even for bigger fellas. Also perfect as a teapot for socially challenging guests.


Some of these have a sticker at the bottom explaining in Polish what this is, what it has originally cost, and where it was made. An interesting thing is that in Polish, a piss pot seems to be called a ”hospital duck” just like in Finnish. Olkuska fabryka naczyn emaliowanych means a factory in Olkusz that makes enameled vessels. Apparently the golden era of Communism, they didn’t build abstract brands with obscure names.

This batch can also contain piss pots that are shaped or sized a bit differently or even made by a different manufacturer. However, they are all enameled and you pee in them.

Size info

Big enough.


Polish kinky hospital fantasy surplus. Used but in top-notch condition. The enameled surface is nice and white, not burnt yellow by urine. We cannot guarantee that all of these have contained pee but it is fairly likely. In any case, these have been washed, so you, unfortunately, won’t get the authentic smell with these but if you study the Finnish “kalsarikännit” for one evening, it’ll fix everything.

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