Peltor ComTac XPI

571.99 USD
Peltor ComTac XPI
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The MICH by PGD is a standard MICH style shell with Ops-Core style accessory mounts and a Team Wendy Cam Fit style liner and suspension. A solid choice for those looking for a helmet with standard ballistic coverage combined with modern accessory mounts and a comfortable liner system. PGD offers reliable ballistic protection at a very decent price!

Perhaps the best active ear defenders in the world. ComTac is known throughout the world of military and law enforcement, designed to withstand extremely heavy use and fit comfortably under a helmet.

  • Low profile, can be worn under a military helmet.
  • Completely environment-proof, can be used in the rain, desert, cold of winter, wherever.
  • Super strong construction to withstand rough field use.
  • Push buttons easy to use even with gloves on.
  • J22 audio input.
  • Works with two AAA batteries, battery life 500 hours.

Different options to suit your needs:

  • Plug Mode - increases the volume above normal, for those who also wear earplugs.
  • Balance Mode - you can adjust the volume balance between the two cups.
  • EQ Mode - adjusts the active hearing of high or low pitch tones.
  • External Mute Mode - shuts off the sounds from the world around you when receiving radio traffic.
  • Release Time Mode - adjust the time it takes for the active hearing to return after muffled high volume sounds.

Made in Sweden.

Comtac XPI vs. XP: XPI is an updated version of the Comtac XP. The changes are not very dramatic, the beeping sounds have been replaced by a woman's voice that tells you what buttons you're pressing etc (basically if the XP was R2D2 then the XPI is C3PO). The headband has been slightly reshaped, the pads are now black and feel a bit nicer and apparently the electronic circuits are now even more waterproof than before.

All this info is based on our own observations and info scratched together from various sources. Peltor has not really made it easy for the end user to find out what the new, even more expensive model has to offer, but we´ve done our best to find that out for you.

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