Palc honey leather grease, 50 ml

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Palc honey leather grease, 50 ml
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TACCO Player insoles

TACCO Player insoles

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The Player insoles were originally designed for sports, and since War is the greatest of all sports, we can recommend these for use with combat boots aswell.

Alpina Desert Black

Alpina Desert Black

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Holy shit, they took the classic US Jungle Boot, brought it to modern age, coloured it black and removed the drainage holes! Thus is born the perfect warm/mild weather boot as the name implies, but in black for general use. Too good to be true? Well it is - this is a one-off surplus lot from a Slovenian army boot purchase, because OF COURSE it is.

Palc Shoe Polish, 50 ml

Palc Shoe Polish, 50 ml

4.99 EUR

The Spanish Palc charmed us with their shoe grease, so we decided to get proper good shoe polish from the same manufacturer. No kidding, this stuff is grand!

Proper grease for all kinds of leathers. Essential for maintaining footwear, for instance. 50 ml in a small tin. Smells a bit like honey.

Very difficult to use: get a rag or a sponge, dip in the grease and apply a thin layer on the leather. Let dry. Then you can try polishing.

Factory new, made by Palc.

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