NVA side cap, wool, enlisted men, surplus

2.99 - 4.99 USD
NVA side cap, wool, enlisted men, surplus
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NVA leather belt, black, surplus

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The East German leather belt is made with the same basic operating principle as the Wehrmacht model, but the clasp buckle attachment is the other way around. This means that these are not compatible with Wehrmacht buckles/belts.

BW side cap, grey green, surplus

BW side cap, grey green, surplus

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West German side cap from the times of The Cold War. Made of Moleskin cotton fabric.

NVA metal cockade, surplus

NVA metal cockade, surplus

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A small metal cockade with the East German coat of arms. A very ostalgic character could stick this in every piece of headwear they own.

Soviet navy cockade, metal, surplus

Soviet navy cockade, metal, surplus

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A metal hat cockade denoting its wearer belonging to the Eastern armada. Real Soviet/Russian stuf, who knows where these were dug out of.

East German enlisted men's side cap. Made of gray wool cloth. Complete with textile cap badge.

This classic piece of military headwear had its days of glory during WW2 and the Cold War. Wear slightly slanted for a dandy look.


Given sizes are head circumference in centimetres. Divide by 3.142 and then by 2.54 to convert to head diameter in inches (US size). If you plan to wear the cap on the top of your head, a size or two smaller might work better.

Used NVA surplus

These caps are all genuine surplus from the DDR. In used, but good serviceable condition.

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I would recommend for a friend
Nice little piece of History! Mine came in practically unissued condition, with the NVA stamps all nice and neat. These will dry up pretty quick, buy em while they last!
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