NVA map case, brown, surplus

9.99 EUR
NVA map case, brown, surplus
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A fake leather map case of the NVA. Don't be fooled, this thing is actually pretty good.

Features pen and eraser holders, a side-folding clear plastic map compartment and two A5-size general compartments. The material is brown rubberized leather-like synthetic stuff.

45 mm wide belt loops and carrying strap.

In used but perfectly serviceable condition.

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Ok, so mine came in a perfect brand new condition, no waterdamage or anything, even the metal was mostly mint condition (which is extremely rare with old communist items). I use it when airsofting on my soviet loadouts (the design is soviet, but another model was more popular). Beware, its made of this weird leather that easily takes a new form if bent around.
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