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NVA gas mask bag, rubberized, surplus

NVA gas mask bag, rubberized, surplus

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The soldiers of the East German NVA carried their gas masks in these rubberized shoulder bags. Most gas masks will fit inside, or a whole lot of bushcrafting stuff or everyday carry items.

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The soldiers of the East German NVA carried their gas masks in these rubberized shoulder bags. Most gas masks will fit inside, or a whole lot of bushcrafting stuff or everyday carry items.

Covered by a lid with a plastic snap fastener. In the DDR they made everything they could from plastic and as these have to withstand military use, they probably designed these to the max, cutting no expenses. The insides are divided for the gas mask itself, its filter and other assorted items. The dividers can be cut off if needed. On the filter side on bottom there's an air grommet (the filter was carried inside the bag and attached to the mask on the face with a hose, oh the joy of it all). On the outside there's a small pocket for your cleaning kit.

For carrying the bag you have a wide adjustable shoulder strap and a narrow waist strap to keep it in place when the going gets rough.

Dimensions from seam to seam about 27 x 27 x 10 cm (10.6 x 10.6 x 2.5").

Although the most common gas masks utilized by the NVA was the same horrible rubber hood as the Soviets used, at least their carrying bag was a bit better than the cheap Russian cotton sack.

Real gear from the other side of the Wall

These seemed to be in top shape, probably even unissued but stored for a long time. All kinds of NBC threats were taken seriously back then, so they made innumerable amounts of these during the Cold War. There's still a lot around.


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I would recommend for a friend

Pretty good bag, i haven't used it a lot by now but so far i'm happy.

The shoulder strap is nice and broad so it doesn't get uncomfortable even when using for a longer time and hauling stuff, and the waist strap is really good for making it stay in place during biking.

The size of the inner compartment is a bit small but stilll big enough to fit in a small folder, drinking bottle and some other stuff.

My only concern of the bag is the closing button, it is the same plastic one as on the bag of the NVA NBC coverall. Basically a small plastic thing that holds too well, i can imagine that i'll rip out the weaker one of the two somedays.

But overall it is a really solid bag, especially for 8€ i couldn't ask for more.
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I would recommend for a friend

01.05.2020 (Edited 01.05.2020)
Very cool little bag. The strap adjusts to fit all body sizes. Would agree that the closing studs are a bit hard to open and may well weaken with repeated use.

My example appears brand new.
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I would recommend for a friend

Jämäkkä mutta kevyt laukku. Ratkoin omastani sisälokerot pois jolloin mahtuu enemmän/isompia tavaroita sisälle. Materiaali tuttua "dederonia" mikä laukkumateriaalina aika hienoa, kevyttä mutta kestävää ja pitää veden ulkopuolella. Ohutta materiaalia on myös helppo ommella jos remmi sattuu vaikka irtoamaan. Ei ole käytössä kulunut vielä miksikään. Yllättävästi myös kiinnitysnepparin saa purettua kiertämällä auki jolloin molempien puolten kappaleet irtoavat toisistaan. Ei siis tarvi väkisin repiä irti/leikata jos haluaa kehitellä erilaisen sulkusysteemin.
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