NVA full body condom SBU 67, surplus

1.99 USD
NVA full body condom SBU 67, surplus
Price 1.99 USD. In stock 0 pcs. Saatavana käytettynä!
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NVA NBC coverall SBA-1, surplus

NVA NBC coverall SBA-1, surplus

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From the old stocks of the dead and partially buried DDR comes this rubber overall. If nothing else, the East Germans surely were the masters of nasty rubber!

BW beret, red, surplus

BW beret, red, surplus

1.99 - 4.99 USD

Used German army red berets. Pre-worn, but can be shaped again for a custom fit.

Just like a condom: meant to be disposed of after use, but when properly cleaned, can be used until it's full of holes. These are of East-German origin.

The essence of cheap nastiness - a PVC protective, for the lack of a better description, tentacle, which is closed with plastic fasteners on the front (sometimes these are just sort of plastic bags without any buckles), and no holes for arms. Issued normally with gas masks, but these were sold separately, and we just had to buy them.

East-German army surplus

Unissued, you'll have to stain these yourself.

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