Norwegian snow trousers, surplus

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Norwegian snow trousers, surplus

Product is out of stock and is unlikely restocked in the near future :-(

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Grub's Snowline 8.5 winter boot

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Seriously proper winter boots by the British company Grub's. Someone did something wrong and ended up offering these for us for a price we couldn't refuse - for the customer, this means well over 100 EUR boots for way less! These are the kind you definitely want when the temperatures start reaching down to zero and below. As a side note, these have been seen in use by the Finnish Border Guards, to give you some perspective of the quality.

Outdoors vest, Desert DPM

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Tailoring, trouser leg shortening

Tailoring, trouser leg shortening

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Our seamstress is on vacation on 24.7.-6.8. Please note that during this time sewing services aren't available. We'll get back in business on monday 7.8. A simple, fixed price package deal service for shortening your trousers to desired length. Fixed price, fixed service - we just cut 'em up and finish the edge. Meant basically for simple unlined trousers like jeans and such. Service valid only for stuff bought from us!

Norwegian surplus snow suit trousers, simple cut with drawcords at the waist and legs and slashes to access the pockets of field trousers worn underneath. Quite a recent model, most made in the 80's and 90's.


  • L = Liten (Small)
  • M = Middels (Medium)
  • S = Stor (Large)

The pants have approximate min. and max. waist sizes and inseam length in centimeters. With these measurements you'll still have room for another pair of trousers underneath, the cut is generous!

Made of cotton or a mixture of cotton and synthetic materials. Won't hold water too well, but breathes like you wouldn't believe. Don't wash together with different coloured garments, or you just might end up with a sexy pink snow suit.

Unissued stuff, most of these c

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