Norwegian snow jacket, surplus -
Norwegian snow jacket, surplus

Norwegian snow jacket, surplus

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A proper, well made and simple snow camo jacket, zippered with two hem pockets, slashes on the chest to access pockets on the jacket worn underneath and a hood. Quite a recent model, made in the 80's and 90's.


  • L = Liten (Small)
  • M = Middels (Medium)
  • S = Stor (Large)

Jacket size is determined by chest circumference, length doesn't vary. The cut is very generous, by choosing your correct size you will still have room to wear another, lined jacket underneath!

Made of cotton or a mixture of cotton and synthetic materials. Won't hold water too well, but breathes like you wouldn't believe. Don't wash together with different coloured garments, or you just might end up with a sexy pink snow suit.

Unissued stuff, most of these come straight out of their original boxes. Some signs of prolonged storage, such as stains, can be expected

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