NKA (No Known Allergies) PVC morale patch

NKA (No Known Allergies) PVC morale patch

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Not having allergies doesn't make you a superhuman. Well it kinda does, but it is possible to be injured and lose consciousness because of cryptonite and shit. Should that ever happen, medical personnel will be delighted to see that you can be treated without a high risk of sudden and unwanted reactions.


These are precisely made from PVC with quality stitching and good resistance to wear.

  • Size: 3,5x2,5 cm
  • Velcro back

Made in China.


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I would recommend for a friend

Kiva ja pieni koko, tästä ei löydä mitään moitittavaa. On hyvä ja asiallinen lisä varustukseen.
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I would recommend for a friend

Nice, small, quality rubberized PVC patch. Currently on my pack, moving it to my medkit as soon as I get it.
Stays put too! I chuck my Jääkäri pack in the car about twice a day and I’ve never had to adjust it.
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