NFM EC Paint, 400 ml

14.99 - 19.99 EUR
NFM EC Paint, 400 ml
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MFH spray paint, 400 ml

MFH spray paint, 400 ml

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Acrylic spray paint, works on plastic, metal, wood etc. Based on our own experiments this is pretty good paint, sticks quite well, provided the surface is prepared right.

McNett Camo Form camouflage wrap

McNett Camo Form camouflage wrap

21.99 EUR

The one and only original McNett Camo Form wrap, this elastic textile wrap is a quick, easy and affordable solution for camouflaging any and all equipment, perfect not only for military use but also for hunters or wildlife photographers. The wrap adheres to itself but does not leavy any sticky glue or other nasty gunk on the surface of what ever it was used on. The matte surface eliminates shine and the tape also dampens noise, and naturally this stuff is NIR compliant.

Proper military grade spray paint, perfect for weapons, gear and any other trinkets you want to camouflage. Unlike most civilian paints EC Paint also works under NVG surveillance, blending in naturally.

ATTENTION! Unfortunately we can't ship aerosols abroad, online orders can only be delivered to Finnish addresses and only by Matkahuolto services.

The EC Paint colour range is really all you need for any possible envinronment: two shades of green, three browns from a really pale sand colour to the dark Mud Brown. Also included are gray and white which are great for arctic and urban environments, and of course black that works wonders in adding extra depth to flat surfaces. Also included is a Paint Remover which might come in handy as the seasons change!


There´s just about as many painting techniques as there are painters, but here are some basic quidelines to get started:

  • Dark colours display best over a lighter undercoat whilst lighter colours need more layers to show brighlty over a dark undercoat.
  • The environment is full of great depths and dark shadows, illusion of depth can be created by careful use of black paint.
  • Sometimes less is more, a small, extremely detailed or multi coloured camouflage pattern can easily just melt together into a solid blob of colour. Carefully defined shapes and contrasts break up shapes effectively.
  • Natural stencils are easy to make, just go out and pick some leaves and branches!
  • You can use a paintbrush or sponge to apply spray paint, just spray a bit onto a plate or cup and dip the brush or sponge in before the paint dries.
  • Trial and error are great teachers, painting is not rocket science and actually quite fun!

Made by NFM of Norway

NFM is a Norwegian military gear manufacturer and distributor, the EC Paint was developed to meet European standards and regulations regarding manufacturing processes etc.

NFM's EC Paint Videos

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Pinta on kuivuttuaan erinomainen ja sileä, kestää myös kulutusta yllättävän hyvin. Kiskoista irtoaa melko nopeasti jos vaihtelet tacticooleja pyssytarvikkeitasi päivittäin.
Ja jos meni ketuiksi niin lähtee vikkelään asetoonilla pois terveisin kokeiltu on.
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