MSA Auer 3S gas mask, surplus

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MSA Auer 3S gas mask, surplus
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British PLCE gas mask bag, DPM, surplus

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A sturdy gas mask bag of the British army. PLCE model, this one is made of thick cordura and has a belt loop and an adjustable shoulder strap. Velcro & snap closure on the flap, pretty fast to use and secure too. As far as gas mask cases go, this one is very good, maybe even fit for a camera bag!

NVA NBC coverall SBA-1, surplus

NVA NBC coverall SBA-1, surplus

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From the old stocks of the dead and partially buried DDR comes this rubber overall. If nothing else, the East Germans surely were the masters of nasty rubber!

Finnish M05 gas mask pouch

Finnish M05 gas mask pouch

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Czech women's leather gloves, surplus

Czech women's leather gloves, surplus

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Hey, woman! If you reckon that women's gloves don't have to be flimsy crap, get a proper pair here! Unlined; very nice for those days when it's just a tad chilly, but a lined pair would be too much.

If Soviet rubber socks aren't your thing when it comes to gas masks, check out this modern offering from Germany.

First things first: these are officially unsuitable for safety use. Despite CE markings and meeting all the relevant standards like EN 136, we are not allowed to sell these as protective equipment for hazardous environments.

That said, the face pieces are factory new and still have protective talcum powder on them. The condition is NIB. Expiration dates for the filters are long gone (but in the 2000's), but they use the worldwide 40 mm thread standard. Unlike the suspicious Soviet masks we used to sell with filters, these do not contain asbestos or any other nasty stuff.


The design is very common: a rubber face piece is tightened against the face with five adjustable rubber straps with metal buckles. A single lens offers an uninterrupted field of vision and the air intake vents blow off any fog as you breathe in, so you actually see things while wearing this.

The air outlet can be rotated to different sides and above the filter you'll find a speaker box: while you will sound funny when speaking to others, they are able to understand what you say. A neck strap can be used to keep the mask in a high ready condition.

In the original factory box you will find:

  • Mask
  • Filter (expired)
  • Instruction manual (9 languages, English included)
  • Carrying pouch (Russian made, probably added after these left the factory)

Made by MSA Auer

Top quality stuff, manufactured in Germany.

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