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Mountainhill Blanket, Tartan

Mountainhill Blanket, Tartan

Price 46.99 USD excluding VAT

We've got these warm, soft, and really big blankets that are just dying for a hug and someone to hug underneath one. And they’re even brand spanking new.

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We've got these warm, soft, and really big blankets that are just dying for a hug and someone to hug underneath one. And they’re even brand spanking new.

These are not super-duper mega thick but not thin either, and the material is rather dense. Perfect for couch potatoing even in a chilling haunted mansion and for cool weather camping. However, it might get a tad cold on an arctic expedition. If you don’t need a blanket, buy one anyway and sew yourself something nice instead.

Three delightful options

Usually the colors of military blankets are a dreary whiff from the '70s East-Brutopia. These blankets by Mountainhill are something completely different. Just like from the collection of a fashion house but with a lot nicer pricing. The Tartan pattern helps if you suck at folding.

Rye Pudding With Milk Tartan

These are coloured like the Finnish delicacy called "mämmi" with milk. The pattern brings together warm shades of dark brown and beige in a warm, fuzzy kind of way. A beautiful piece.

Fresh Green Tartan

If greenish tartan tickles your eyes as much as the chemicals found in East German army surplus, this blanket is for you! The cheery green color on the background blends nicely with the white-red-yellow tartan, making the blanket look somewhat Christmasy.

Soothing Blue Tartan

These come in a soothing tartan pattern that beautifully combines nightly shades of blue and gently lulls you to sleep. Sensual red stripes and a dash of exotique. My gosh, ain't it sweet!

Material and info

The material is 80% wool and 20% recycled polyester. The excellent properties of wool get to shine and care isn't any different from a fully woolen one: air every now and then, wash seldom if ever. If needed, dry cleaning is ideal. If you want to wash these, do it in cold water and hang to dry.

  • Length and width: approx. 230 x 150-160 cm (90" x 59"-63"), So, these are big. The size can vary a bit from blanket to blanket because apparently in the blanket business size isn’t everything.
  • Weight: c. 2.2 - 2.4 kg (4.9 - 5.3 lbs) so these aren’t the magical elf cloaks for ultralight hikers but the good ol’ stuff from the time when people could still carry things.

New production

Made by Mountainhill. These are all factory new. The price isn't bad for such a nice blanket.


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I would recommend for a friend

There’s a bit more orange in the colour than the picture demonstrates but who cares. It’s a big cosy blanket that fits my 6’4” 200 lbs frame quite nicely. Coming out of the package it smelled like hermetically sealed old people—if your grandparents are in a home you know this smell. However a few hours on the line cleared this out. 10/10 product, brings back warm memories of eating the grapes and cheese we brought for grandma.
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I would recommend for a friend

Lämmin ja mahdottoman suuri. Tuoksuu aluksi varastolta, mutta tämä hälvenee käytössä.
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