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Mil-Tec field cot Gen II 210 x 68 cm

Mil-Tec field cot Gen II 210 x 68 cm

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Bigger, stronger, better. A field cot with a reinforced construction and large size for taller and heavier fighters.

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Bigger, stronger, better. A field cot with a reinforced construction and large size for taller and heavier fighters.

The model is similar to the US issue field cot with a few minor differences. The frame is aluminium and fabric is nylon. When unfolding and setting up, the fabric is pulled taut by the frame to all directions. Nothing provides better insulation from the cold ground as a foot of air, and bugs won't bother your sleep either. Of course it's just plain more comfortable too.


Assembly begins by unfolding the frame. Two separate end tubes are inserted into channels in the fabric and locked onto metal tabs in the frame. The other tube has two holes for corresponding tabs in one end of the frame, while the other has a spring-loaded tab, which makes the final stage of assembly vastly easier. If you only keep this in mind, assembly will be quick and easy. Disassembly begins by pulling the spring-loaded tab with the locking ring.

Pro tip

This field cot has a known issue with creaking: when the fabric is tensioned and chafes against the frame tubes, it vibrates loudly. This is easily fixed by passing pieces of fabric in between the nylon and aluminium. The sizes needed are roughly 90 x 15 cm / 35.2" x 6" (four pcs) for the sides and 60 x 15 cm / 23.5" x 6" (two pcs) for the end pieces. You can fix these pieces in place with glue, safety pins or a few stitches.

Tech. info

An assembled field cot measures 210 x 68 x 45 cm / (82.5" x 26.5" x 17.5") (length, width, height) and 100 x 21 x 14 cm / (39.5" x 8.5" x 5.5") when folded. Weight 9.2 kg / 20 lbs. Maximum load 150 kg / 330 lbs, as stated by the manufacturer. Probably more in reality, but our responsibility ends at 150 kg / 330 lbs.

A green carrying bag with handles and zipper is supplied with the cot.

Factory new, made by Mil-Tec.


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I would not recommend to a friend

Mulla oli näitä kaksi, mutta toisesta kangas repesi kestettyään kuitenkin ensin satoja öitä käyttöä. Rungot ovat sen sijaan kestäneet, toisin kuin saman tuotemerkin kevyemmän telttasängyn. Niitit kyllä tuntuvat heppoisilta, mutta ovat toistaiseksi ajaneet asiansa moitteetta. Tylsää, että kankaan laadussa on säästelty - kunnollisella tästä olisi voinut tulla oikein hyvä. Mutta onkohan Miltec käyttänyt Corduraa missään koskaan? Vähintäänkin pitäisi olla saatavissa varakankaita, jotta tätä voisin suositella.
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I would recommend for a friend

Perushyvä ok muokkausten jälkeen. Natina ja nitinä on paketista vedettynä aivan infermaalinen, pienikin liike aiheuttaa valtavan narahduksen. Omalla kohdalla mitkään pienet kangaspalat ei asiaa hoitanut, mutta toimivaksi ratkaisuksi löytyi prisman halvimmasta makuualustasta leikatut ja paikalleen jesaroidut korjauspalat. Kokoaminen vaatii lisäpalojen jälkeen ihan tiukan otteen, mutta hyvin siinä nukkuu sen jälkeen.
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