Mechanix FastFit Gloves

18.99 USD
Mechanix FastFit Gloves
Wolf gray
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BW combat gloves, Flecktarn, surplus

BW combat gloves, Flecktarn, surplus

9.99 USD

German Bundeswehr general purpose combat gloves with leather palm. These also have a light lining, but they're not really winter gloves: pick a close-fitting size and you'll be able to manipulate buttons, levers and such. If you know what Mechanix gloves are you'll know what to expect. Used surplus.

CPE knee/elbow pad insert, pair

CPE knee/elbow pad insert, pair

8.99 USD

There are basically two types of knee pads in the world, proper plastic cap pads with straps and buckles and then there are these lightweight knee pad inserts that integrate seamlessly with your trousers. This simple yet clever double layer model offers better protection than the simpler cell foam models, but weighs a bit more.

Särmä TST L1 neck tube, merino wool

Särmä TST L1 neck tube, merino wool

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Not your average loose fitting "buff", but a proper toque. This neck gaiter was designed especially to be tight fitting to keep it up and securely against your neck. Lightweight merino wool construction, highly breathable comfortable and moisture wicking.

Mechanix Original Glove

Mechanix Original Glove

27.99 USD

An excellent all-around glove that fits wonderfully and only marginally impedes dexterity. Unless your hands are enormous, you should be able to operate a computer with these on. The choice of many professionals.

Mechanix M-Pact Gloves

Mechanix M-Pact Gloves

36.99 USD

Impact gloves are meant to protect the hands better than standard Mechanix gloves. This is accomplished by adding silicone rubber reinforcements to the topside.

Like the name implies a bit, these gloves are probably not at their best at construction sites, but rather offer a very dextrous grip even for Mechanix gloves. Not only lighter in material thicknesses than the classic Mechanix gloves, but for these they also omitted the wrist velcro strap for a standard piece of elastic band. Light and comfy, these are the stuff for fiddly tasks.

  • FastFit works well in general hobby & work use, these are easy to get on and feel like a second skin. Could also be worn under mittens.
  • Palm, top of the forefinger and inside of the thumb are light but durable Clarino synthetic leather.
  • Elastic Lycra between the fingers for a form and comfy fit.
  • Back of the hand made of stretchy, lightweight and fast drying TrekDry fabric.
  • An elastic band sewn on the wrist, no velcro straps on these unlike with other Mechanix products.

Mechanix gloves are first and foremost, despite the name, very dextrous gloves for more fiddly tasks, not your standard stuff for hauling rocks and digging ditches. In costruction site like situations you will be better off with traditional heavy work gloves. If you want a very nice compromise of durability and dexterity, try Mechanix. They work well with firearms and other fiddly machines and are a popular choice among shooters and military personnel.

Factory new, made by Mechanix Wear. Made in Vietnam.

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Omistan näistä Multicam-kuvioidun mallin. Kyseiset hanskat ovat palvelleet airsoft- ja lenkkikäytössä yli vuoden ja still going stronk! Hanskoissa on hyvä tuntuma ja ovat kestävät. Mielestäni tämä Fastfit-mallisto on parempi kuin ihmeellisesti aukeavalla velcrolla varustetut kalliimmat Mechanixit. Ainoastaan sisus on näissä karkeammaksi tehty, minkä huomaa pitemmässä käytössä käsistään.
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