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Lowa Z-11S GTX
Lowa Z-11S GTX.
Lowa Z-11S GTX. Total height of the boot is 30 cm.
Total height of the boot is 30 cm.
Lowa Z-11S GTX.
Lowa Z-11S GTX.
Lowa Z-11S GTX.
Lowa Z-11S GTX.
Lowa Z-11S GTX.

Lowa Z-11S GTX

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A proper hunting and hiking boot from Lowa. The waterproof membrane keeps your feet from getting wet and the tall shaft keeps nature out.

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Lowa Z-11S GTX.
Lowa Z-11S GTX. Total height of the boot is 30 cm.
Lowa Z-11S GTX.
Lowa Z-11S GTX.
Lowa Z-11S GTX.
Lowa Z-11S GTX.
Lowa Z-11S GTX.

A proper hunting and hiking boot from Lowa. The waterproof membrane keeps your feet from getting wet and the tall shaft keeps nature out.

  • Gore-Tex membrane
  • Thick suede leather and cordura
  • Shock absorbing EVA multicomponent sole
  • Speed lacing and hooks: 11 eyelet pairs
  • Weight about 1500 grams for pair
  • Materials and work from the EU area

Size info

Made to UK sizes. Lowa boots are true-fitting and the width of this model is between Regular and Wide.

The EU/French size is converted to larger numbers than usual. If you buy shoes based on sizes like 42, 45, or such, pick at least half a size larger than you normally would.

UK sizes convert easily to US sizes, just add 1 to each size. UK 8 = US 9, for example. These numbers are accurate.

Sizes UK 4 - 6 (with Ws-suffix) are sized according to the same UK standard as others but have four structural differences: Softer edging at the calf, padded tongue to prevent shifting, modified instep and ball area for a closer fit, and a more flexible midsole. These features are commonly good for feminine feet, but the boots can be worn by anyone: fitting of boots and shoes is always an individual thing.

The tables below show the recommended foot length and for the smaller sizes also a conversion to US Women's sizes.

Again: trust the UK/US sizes and millimeters. If you use EU sizes, choose slightly larger boots.

Conversion tables

Sizes UK 4 - 6

UK-size Length of foot EU / French size US size (men) US Women (injected sole)
UK 4 Ws 230 mm 37 US 5 US 6
UK 4.5 Ws 235 mm 37,5 US 5.5 US 6.5
UK 5 Ws 239 mm 38 US 6 US 7
UK 5.5 Ws 243 mm 39 US 6.5 US 7.5
UK 6 Ws 247 mm 39,5 US 7 US 8

Sizes UK 6.5 - 13.5

UK-size Length of foot EU / French size US-size
UK 6.5 252 mm 40 US 7.5
UK 7 256 mm 40,5 US 8
UK 7.5 260 mm 41,5 US 8.5
UK 8 265 mm 42 US 9
UK 8.5 269 mm 42,5 US 9.5
UK 9 273 mm 43,5 US 10
UK 9.5 277 mm 44 US 10.5
UK 10 281 mm 44,5 US 11
UK 10.5 285 mm 45 US 11.5
UK 11 290 mm 46 US 12
UK 11.5 294 mm 46,5 US 12.5
UK 12 298 mm 47 US 13
UK 12.5 302 mm 48 US 13.5
UK 13 307 mm 48,5 US 14
UK 14 315 mm 49,5 US 15
UK 15 324 mm 51 US 16

Lowa recommends measuring your foot for best results. If your foot is 265 mm long, for example, choose size UK 8 for a precise fit. This leaves a suitable toe extra in the boot. In these cases, your own experience is valuable: if your foot is very wide or you want a lot of sock clearance for winter use, consider a larger size. A half-size in the UK/US system makes only a 4.2 mm (1/6th of an inch) difference.

For the boonies and snow

The Z-11S is a light and maneuverable but suitably stiff outdoor boot. It's fit for use with the heaviest of loads, and in its element in hunting and hiking use in a variety of terrains. For the winter season, it should work as an everyday boot too, at least up here.

The boot is lightweight, but the well constructed sole system brings just the right amount of torsion resistance for all-terrain use. With a total height of 30 cm, most of the fauna will stay out of your boot.

What's it about

Upper made of leather and cordura. The leather mostly resides in the lower region where most of the wear happens. Leather thickness 2,0-2,2 mm.

Waterproof membrane will keep your feet dry while letting some sweat through. The membrane is naturally real deal Gore-Tex.

Lowa's own MONOWRAP sole. Comprises three parts: an EVA outsole, a plastic stiffener, and a PU frame. The heel has a separate stabilization piece. For additional wear protection, the outsole rises up in the nose. The sole is injection molded, so it is not replaceable but has a service life of 7 to 10 years. This construction type also makes the sole very light, reducing the weight of the boot.

Speed lacing with tunnel loops and hooks. The hooks greatly ease your life with boots this high.

The fit and last are made Just Right. This means you can wear as many socks as you want and adjust the fit to your liking.


These are GTX boots, so use only membrane-compatible shoe care products or you'll risk blocking the membrane! In short, clean the boots with a moist rag and brush, then treat the leather with a suitable spray-on waterproofer, and then apply grease lightly. Apply grease only when necessary - if the boot is in heavy use, do this more often. If the wear is just occasional, be gentle with the grease.

Remember to keep the inside of the boot free from debris to keep the membrane intact.

Maintenance guarantees long service life

When properly cared for the service life of the boot is seven to ten years - Lowa believes in its products so much they actually give some figures, knowing that defining service life for boots is difficult to give.

Size info

UK sizes, with comparable EU/French sizes in the brackets. The sizes run pretty small, so it might be wise to pick one size larger than you would usually wear.

The women's models differ by having a steeper notch on the back part of the shaft to fit better their physique. These can be worn by men too.

Made by Lowa

Lowa is a household name in shoemaking. With over 90 years of experience, they do know what's what. Many military and law enforcement instances place their trust in Lowa, not forgetting countless hikers and outdoors people. Lowa tends to keep a lower profile than many other brands but their products reach far and wide.

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Four and a half stars
I would recommend for a friend

Kun kerta tälle tuotteelle ei ole vielä tehty arvostelua niin teempä nyt sitten itse sellaisen. Kengät ovat tällä hetkellä olleet puoli vuotta käytössä ja ne ovat suorastaan erinomaiset. Huomioon otettavaa on se, että itsellä on hyvin kapea, mutta pitkä jalka -> näin ollen esim. PV:n leveät lapio jalalle tehdyt maiharit ovat aina tuntuneet kuralta.

Kenkä on yllättävän kevyt ja materiaalivalinnat ovat olleet fiksuja ja toimivia. Kenkä tuntuu oikeasti siirtävän kosteutta sukista pois tai siltä se ainakin tuntuu. Näillä kengillä tuppaa hyvin mieli hypätä/kahlata syvimmissäkin vesilammikoissa, jos se on sun juttu. Nauhat saa oikeesti kireelle, niin kireelle että näillä pystyy tekemään tilapäisen kiristyssiteen jalkapöydälle. Kenkä tukee nilkkaa myös hyvin ja näin ollen sopii raskaammankin rinkan kanssa vaeltamiseen.

Ei ole vrm super-tacticool-kuperkeikkamiesten maihari, mutta näillä maihareilla jalat PYSYY kuivina ja PYSYY lämpiminä. Kenkä myös oikeesti muokkautuu henkilön jalkaan -> (luulen, että otin vähän liian pienet kengät, koska aluksi hieman puristivat varpaista) viikon - 2 jälkeen jalkineeseen oli tullutkin kuin tyhjästä tilaa lisää. Pienenä miinuksena mainittakoon, että vittu nää ei pidä jäällä.
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Four and a half stars
I would recommend for a friend

Kerrassaan erinomaiset maiharit.
Useita vuosia palvelleiden HAIXIen seuraajana eivät jää lainkaan jälkeen istuvuudessa, vaan muokkautuvat parissa päivässä jalkaan erinomaisesti. Nämä totisesti kestävät vettä ja elementtejä ja pitävät jalan kuivana jopa marraskuisessa Lapin suomaastossa, käyttäjän satunnaisista harha-askelista huolimatta. Mitään kummempia hiertymiä ei ole puolen vuoden käytössä syntynyt max 25km patikkamatkoilla.

Korkea varsi sisältää aika hyvin säätövaraa kaikille paitsi kaikkein rotevimmille kintuille, ja ovat ainakin itseni mielestä tavattoman tyylikkäät. Särmä retkeilyhousut saa nepparikiristyksellään pysymään varren yläreunan päällä, ja tätä asukombinaatiota voin suositella lämpimästi kaikille.
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Five stars
I would recommend for a friend

10.09.2021 (Edited 13.09.2021)
Very good shoes.
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Five stars
I would recommend for a friend

Absolutely love these boots. The fit and finish is excellent, and they have proven to be extremely comfortable. They are also feel remarkably light and relatively agile despite the very tall shaft. The hook lacing system, with lace locks at the ankles, makes donning and doffing very convenient and quick. I can't yet speak to how durable they are in the long term, but only time will tell. Nothing about them raises any concerns in that regard, however.
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Five stars
I would recommend for a friend

Five stars
I would recommend for a friend

Best boots I have used. Worth the money.
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Five stars
I would recommend for a friend

Awesome boots! Used them in a two week hike in Sarek National Park. Good width, zero blisters, very comfortable and keeps out most of the water, even at watercrossings well above bootheight.
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Five stars
I would recommend for a friend

I echo everyone else that these are probably the best boots I've ever owned. Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately) I had to spend a few hours in 6"-8" water last night and NOT A DROP got into these boots. If you hate wet feet, get these boots now. Never buying a pair of Rocky's ever again.
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