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Lowa Active Creme, 75 ml

Lowa Active Creme, 75 ml

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Lowa Active Creme is the ideal colourless intensive wax care for boots and shoes. It keeps the leather supple over the long term and prevents drying out and brittleness when used regularly. In combination with Lowa Water Stop Pro, this is the perfect protection for your Lowa shoes.

Lowa Active Creme is PFC-free and suitable for breathable membranes. Contains 75 ml (2.5 oz) of the good stuff.

This maintenance shoe cream is designed and used by Lowa for Gore-Tex and leather footwear and boots, caring for the boot and waterproofing while letting the membrane breathe.

Your boots get a new gloss and repel water without blocking the pores of the leather, allowing the boots to adjust to the given climate over a long term even under extreme conditions.

Lowa shoe care instructions in a nutshell

Leather is a natural, raw material and in order to maintain its exceptional qualities, proper care is essential. Even if you aren’t going to clean the boots, it’s a good idea to remove the insole and laces, open up the boots fully, and allow them to air out after every outing.

Wash with a brush. For normal levels of dirt, brush the dirt off while running lukewarm water over the boots. For heavily soiled boots, consider gentle shoe-cleaning products.

Waterproof the leather. In order to “close” the leather’s pores, you’ll need to apply a waterproofing agent to the leather while it’s still damp. Lowa Waterstop Pro spray prevents the leather from absorbing water yet still allows it to breathe.

Maintain and protect. Regular use and cleaning wash away some of the leather’s natural oils, so it’s important to frequently apply a water-based conditioning cream to the boots, especially if they’ve had a soaking. It’s important that this be applied frequently in the forefoot and flex area, where the leather tends to be stressed. It’s fine to use a dryer on low heat to help the cream get absorbed into the leather, but be careful!

Finally, let your boots dry naturally avoiding direct sunlight or high heat. Crumpled newspaper is good for absorbing moisture and help retaining the shape. Change these daily until the boots are dry and store your footwear in a cool and dry place.

Made by Lowa

Lowa is a household name in shoemaking. With over 90 years of experience they do know what's what. Many military and law enforcement instances place their trust in Lowa, not forgetting countless hikers and outdoorspeople. Lowa tends to keep lower profile than many other brands but their products reach far and wide.


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