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Lithuanian brass button, surplus

Lithuanian brass button, surplus

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Lithuanian brass buttons, these have some pretty Deus Vult style imagery on them, we believe this is the Lithuanian state emblem. These come in two sizes. Very cheap for what they are, as they're surplus!

Quite refreshing for brass buttons, as these usually tend to have a grain pattern or just have the boring old anchor on them. These have a bit more action going on. Good sizes too!

Large buttons are about 20 mm in diameter, small 15 mm.

Army surplus

Unworn but old, these might have some little corrosion stains on the backside, but nothing major. These are some kind of Lithuanian surplus. Made by "FOK Kaunas".

One-off lot; once these are sold, that's it.


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I would recommend for a friend

Nice little buttons. Look nice on my czech strichtarn cap.
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