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JNA M1 gas mask with carry bag, surplus

JNA M1 gas mask with carry bag, surplus

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Using gas can be effective and fun, but it's always wise to wear a proper protective mask - accidentally gassing yourself as well is very embarrassing! These civilian masks are probably from Serbian stocks.

The mask itself is a copy of an old American model and, unlike the East Bloc rubber hoods, is rather comfortable to wear. 60 mm threads, NATO filters will naturally not fit.

Comes with a carrying bag, which is normally carried on your side. Closes with two Lift-The-Dot fasteners.

Also included is a hilarious NBC cape and usually a little instruction booklet complete with pictures and a first aid dressing, probably something else too. No filter included, those probably contain asbestos which is illegal to sell around here!


Unissued gear. And naturally, these are sold as collectibles only, not for any real use.


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4 / 5
2 ratings
I would recommend for a friend

It's a good mask. Quick and easy to put on. Doesn't fog up unless you really blow. A bit hard for people to understand you with it on though.
Inspection booklet said it was last checked in 1994.
You will need a filter adapter on this to use NATO 40mm filters.
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I would recommend for a friend

10.01.2020 (Edited 10.01.2020)
Pretty cool, gets a 6.5/10 in gas mask aesthetics in my book, plus it's fairly comfortable and seems to seal on my face, though I have a beard so it's probably not the best seal. The dude in the instructions booklet looks like Joe Pesci, so that's neat.
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Pablo V. 01.01.2020
What are the measurements of the carrying bag?
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