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Jetpower gas, 100 g
Jetpower gas, 100 g.
Jetpower gas, 100 g.
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Jetpower gas, 100 g

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A suitable gas canister for use with Jetboil cooking systems and others with a standard thread. This nifty 100 gram can pack into the cooking pot to save space!

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Jetpower gas, 100 g.
Jetpower gas, 100 g.

A suitable gas canister for use with Jetboil cooking systems and others with a standard thread. This nifty 100 gram can pack into the cooking pot to save space!

Contains a blend of propane and isobutane. Propane provides higher vapor pressure for colder temperatures, while isobutane retains a consistent pressure when the gas level is getting low.

Jetpower premium grade gas mixture

Components of gases in a Jetpower canister:

25 % Propane: Helps cold-weather performance, has higher partial pressure and lower boiling point than either Iso- or N- Butane. This is used to maintain pressure over the life of the canister and help with cold-weather performance. More propane equals better performance.

5 % N Butane: Common, “ordinary” butane. Lower partial pressure than ISO-Butane. Not a main component used in Jetpower fuel. Less expensive.

70 % ISO Butane: The expensive part of the mix! One of two common forms of Butane. Has higher partial pressure than N-Butane. The difference is in the molecular structure and the alignment of Carbon atoms. ISO Butane helps with cold-weather performance and allows the superior constant performance of the gas for the full life of the canister. Burns cleaner to help reduce jet clogs.

Product Safety Data Sheet (PDF)

Do prepare the can for recycling with the Crunchit Fuel Canister Tool.

Not sold internatiolly due to shipping restrictions.


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13.04.2019 (Edited 03.08.2020)
isobutene is a byproduct of fracking. Add this to the carbon footprint of shipping the fuel and canister to manufacturing assembly points and then to worldwide distribution and your personal footprint makes susquatch look like a midget. burn wood.
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Five stars
I would recommend for a friend

07.06.2020 (Edited 06.06.2021)
Fast and fficient. I've used my jetboil on deployment, and thiese gas canisters to power it. There is no faster way to get boiling water, within 3 minutes. The canisters also work in winter, if you put them in your inside coat pocket for a few minutes before use.
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