Jetboil Coffee Press

Jetboil Coffee Press

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For use with Jetboil stoves and cups. The shaft unscrews to pack neatly into the stove. With the Coffee Press, you get better coffee than with a regular drip-filter technique.

Here's how to make a damn good cup of coffee

Best results come with a slightly coarser grind than your average filter-ground coffee. Measure as usual. If you don't know what "usual" is, try 15 ml of coffee per 125 ml of water.

  • Heat the water to just below boiling point
  • Put in the coffee, stir a bit, put the lid on and wait for 3 minutes
  • Insert the coffee press into the can, push the coffee to the bottom of the can and leave it be
  • Consume immediately


Jetboil have great foresight to design stuff to be future-proof and backwards compatible. Here's a list of compatible models:

  • Jetboil Zip
  • Jetboil Flash
  • Jetboil Flash Lite
  • Jetboil MicroMO
  • Jetboil PCS Sol
  • Jetboil Sol TI
  • Jetboil 1 liter Tall Cup
  • Jetboil 0.8 liter Spare Cup

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