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Jämä Veshmeshok Rucksack

Jämä Veshmeshok Rucksack

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The Soviet "Veshmeshok" rucksack is quite likely the best carrying sack in recent history. Therefore we just had to make our own Jämä version of it. An awesome backpack for schoolbooks or groceries, or pretty much anything else, even as a gift.

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The Soviet "Veshmeshok" rucksack is quite likely the best carrying sack in recent history. Therefore we just had to make our own Jämä version of it. An awesome backpack for schoolbooks or groceries, or pretty much anything else, even as a gift.

The history of the Veshmeshok is a bit dark and mysterious but what is known is that it was the most popular Soviet army rucksack during the last century. An excellent example that it is sometimes worth spending some time on comfort. One doesn’t just get an idea to make something like this. Except that we just made something like this. Although our Jämä Veshmeshok is even simpler. If you like the design, we will make more of them from other fabrics.


In all its simplicity, Jämä Veshmeshok is sort of a potato sack that is closed with the shoulder straps. This simply ingenious design prevents pick-pockets from going through the contents when you're wearing it. It comes with instructions, so you don’t have to figure it out on your own. We streamlined the design by leaving out the original side straps.

This sack comes with one smaller pocket with a Velcro closure.



First we made this sack in the classic Finnish M62 camo, affectionately known as the pickle relish. This sack is made of 100% cotton. It is a surplus fabric from a Finnish fabric store. We used all of it for these sacks, so we won’t be getting more. If you fall in love with these, get yours before they are gone.


This version is made in the current Finnish army M05 woodland camo pattern. It is a surplus fabric from a work clothing manufacturer that makes stuff for the Finnish Defence Forces. It is 50% polyester and 50% cotton (275 g/m2). It is less floppy than the M62 fabric.


Measurements: 66 x 44 cm (26” x 17.3”). When folded, it fits in e.g. a cargo pant pocket, so it works quite nicely as a shopping bag. Small pocket: 24 x 21 cm (9.5” x 8.3”). Weight is so minimal that it doesn’t really need mentioning.

Made in Finland

These sacks are made in Forssa in Finland by Suomen Käsityöteollisuuden Oy.

Jämä is upcycled surplus

Click here for the whole Jämä selection.

Jämä is a Finnish word meaning leftovers or scraps. It’s also one of our house brands for equipment made from recycled or surplus materials. From time to time we accumulate stuff that doesn't sell well but is made out of outstanding materials. We've also got several capable seamstresses here, and the equation is pretty clear: cut that useless stuff apart and sew it back together to create something useful.

Because Finnish labour is one of the most expensive in the world, these are very simple, practical and rugged in design. Our development and prototype production remains in-house while most of the production is outsourced to Turku - still within Finland. Simplicity means strength: the fewer parts there are, the smaller the chance of breaking anything.


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4.33 / 5
3 ratings
I would recommend for a friend

A modern execution of the classic veshmeshok, which should translate as "potato sack with straps." The modern cloth makes the bag very light and easy to store when not in use. The lack of padding on the straps is not a problem as I wear this in combination with web load-bearing equipment, so the veshmeshok straps ride on top of the padded straps from the LBE. Surprisingly large capacity.
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I would recommend for a friend

A practical backpack for your daily needs and a nice secondary backpack for the outdoor as it folds nicely. It can even work as a haversack just by adjusting where you tie the knot with the straps
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I would recommend for a friend

The M05 version is a very nice simple and compact veshmeshok. The stitching on the bottom (especially where the straps attach) could be a bit more heavy duty though, it is however easily fixed afterwards thanks to the very simple design (just sew straight a few mm above the old stitches and you're good to go!)...

Btw the Finnish liner bag that you can find here has pretty much the exact same measurements. Great in combination with this or the original veshmeshok.
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