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Jämä Circle Skirt

Jämä Circle Skirt

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Keep calm and twirl like there's no tomorrow! Here's an official, modern circle skirt that you can wear every day and to party-parties, too! Pockets? -Two of them!

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Keep calm and twirl like there's no tomorrow! Here's an official, modern circle skirt that you can wear every day and to party-parties, too! Pockets? -Two of them!

  • Full-circle pattern for a voluptous hem
  • Pockets. On both sides. Proper large ones!
  • Durable and comfy materials

We got our working hands on some old uniform fabric. They had such a nice drape to them that we saw little options but to make some circle skirts. The diagonal fabric has an official feel to it, but the playful form clears any doubts as to whether you're actually checking the parking meters.

We've had some surplus uniform skirts before, but the availability was poor, the sizing random and we wanted to play with various patterns to avoid being too serious.

Functional features

Too many clothes made for women have fake pockets, none at all or just very small ones. That sucks! Why did we differ from the norm? Because we know pockets are good. These are designed to be smartphone-friendly, too.

Designed with a body-friendly pattern. The suggested wear height is at the true waist (the most narrow part of your torso). Zipper closure and snap-fastener (button on the dark blue ones) in the back.

Colors and materials

Diagonal wool-polyester mix or full wool in some cases. The fabric amounts are limited so this or that size in any given color may not be readily available.

The Green material is very slightly thinner, but drapes really well. Due to the wool content, any wrinkling can be taken care of by hanging the skirt in the washroom after taking a shower.

The Black skirt is for witches.

The Blue material is virtually carefree and the heft makes you want to throw it around.

The Dark Blue skirts of the latest batch are prime-quality 100% wool. We got a bit more of this so availability is better.

The Pinstripe is 100% luxury wool as found on men's suits. Drapes really well and has a matte shine to it. A bit pricier but that's the way the cookie crumbles!

Wine Red has been a popular request ever since the first Jämä Circle Skirts were released. We finally found some good fabric from a German factory. The material itself is prime quality but they wanted a different color. 55% Polyester, 45% wool. Drapes fashionably.

Size info

The waists are snug. If you are normally between sizes, consider the larger one.
Length of all sizes is 63 cm / 25".

Waist measurements for each size:

Size Metric Imperial
X-Small 60 cm 23.5"
Small 68 cm 27"
Medium 76 cm 30"
Large 84 cm 33"
X-Large 92 cm 36"
2X-Large 106 cm 41.2"

Jämä is upcycled surplus

Click here for the whole Jämä selection.

Jämä is a Finnish word meaning leftovers or scraps. It’s also one of our house brands for equipment made from recycled or surplus materials. From time to time we accumulate stuff that doesn't sell well but is made out of outstanding materials. We've also got several capable seamstresses here, and the equation is pretty clear: cut that useless stuff apart and sew it back together to create something useful.

Because Finnish labour is one of the most expensive in the world, these are very simple, practical and rugged in design. Our development and prototype production remains in-house while most of the production is outsourced to Turku - still within Finland. Simplicity means strength: the fewer parts there are, the smaller the chance of breaking anything.


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I would recommend for a friend

Tämä oli tässä, elämäni hame. Kaikki muut voi polttaa.
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I would recommend for a friend

Aivan mahtava hame! Ostaisin ilomielin toisenkin jos löytyisi sinistä vastaavaa kangasta viininpunaisena...
5 0 Report abuse
I would recommend for a friend

Erinomainen hame. Sininen kangas on paksua ja laadukkaan tuntuista, leikkaus on todella onnistunut. Voi kun olisi enemmän saatavilla laadukkaita ja ajatuksella tehtyjä naistenvaatteita. (Ja ostaisin myös viininpunaisena!)
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I would recommend for a friend

My Girlfriend loves it. Sizing is great. Pockets that are actually useable are a nice touch.
1 0 Report abuse
I would recommend for a friend

Liituraita on liioittelematta PARAS hame, ikinä.
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Ashley B. 18.09.2019
Would be nice to have in white or black if the material becomes available perhaps?
0 0 Report abuse
Mykeal A. 12.06.2020
My wife loves how these look but due to an unfortunate wool allergy can't where one. Maybe you could offer a wool free option down the road?
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