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Italian wartime pocket watch, silver colour, repro

Italian wartime pocket watch, silver colour, repro

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A faithful reproduction of an Italian product, mainly by the fact that its function is uncertain at best! If you need a historical timepiece for a costume, you can't go wrong with this. These "work", this means there's usually movement on the clock face. Battery operated, no idea if those are replaceable.

From what we gather, these try to portray specific pocket watches issued to certain Italian WW2 era unit. We strongly feel the actual wartime watches were of much higher quality.

Made of metal like substance, with an actually quite formidable weight.

The silver watch opens up nicely and is decorated with the Xa MAS unit logo.

Manufacturer unknown, but someone gave these CE approvals! These are some kind of surplus from somewhere, we wouldn't normally buy this cheap pocket watches. We say it again: No guarantee of actual function, or how these keep in the time! This is essentially a Pocket Watch Shaped Object.

Instructions of use

Remove the plastic shim, press the top knob down. Now the watch starts to run. Maybe. Set the time by turning the knob. The functionality of this feature is a strong 'maybe' too.


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I would not recommend to a friend

22.07.2017 (Edited 22.07.2017)
I would recommend for a friend

28.07.2017 (Edited 28.07.2017)
Aika hyvin on pysynyt ajassa. Suurin haaste on viisareiden asettaminen oikeaan aikaan. Viisarit heiluvat kun nappia painaa alas.
Merkkasin suosittelen koska näyttää olevan hintansa arvoinen. Kello on tosin ollut vain työpöydällä. En tiedä vaikuttaako sitten liikuttelu
sen toimivuuteen.

Rikard H.
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I would recommend for a friend

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I would recommend for a friend

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