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French two-person tent, olive drab, surplus

French two-person tent, olive drab, surplus

Price 45.99 USD excluding VAT
Price in toilet paper rolls approximately 162 toilet paper rolls. We do not yet accept toilet paper as payment.

The French army pup tent looks like a traditional boy scout contraption but scaled down for two persons. Made of nylon with waterproof floor. Most are in unissued condition!

  • Sold 18 pcs in the last two weeks.
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The French army pup tent looks like a traditional boy scout contraption but scaled down for two persons. Made of nylon with waterproof floor. Most are in unissued condition!

Big enough for two persons, king size for one and barely fits three, the French tent looks like something used decades ago. Well, actually these are just that. If traditional design inspires you, this isn't a half bad option for leisurely camping or festival life: it's sturdy, reliable, neutral shade and for a this price you can't go wrong.

  • Made of nylon
  • Inside length about 2,1 m, width 1,4 m and height 1 m
  • Easily set up by two persons, but one is enough
  • Measurements packed about 50 x 23 cm
  • Insect-proof!
  • Tent fabric weight with guy ropes: 2140 g
  • Pole set weight: 330 g
  • Tent peg set weight: 900 g (!)

The ends can be opened up quickly if necessary and the closed design means nothing gets inside if every opening is shut. Additionally they included insect net covered ventilation holes on each end and sides (velcro operated).


  • The tent itself
  • Two poles
  • A bag of pegs (17 pcs: 8 pcs for the ropes, 9 pcs for anchoring the tent base to ground)
  • A bunch of cords to secure the tent to ground, but we can't promise all are there (easy to replace with your own paracord etc.)
  • A nylon stuff sack

French army surplus

Mostly unissued, but there might be some used ones (in very pretty shape of course) in the mix. In any case you'll get a lot of tent for the buck!


You can lighten your load by using lighter pegs. The ones included are definitely strong but weigh a ton. You can also use wooden sticks to anchor the tent to the ground, so you really need maybe 8 pegs. We recommend using 6 pcs smaller pegs and 2 pcs bigger ones to each end.

Additionally you can consider removing most of the tent floor if you do not need it. This will also help cleaning and drying the tent but also removes the "Insect-proof!" bit. Your call!


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4.83 / 5
26 ratings
Suomi (14)
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I would recommend for a friend

29.07.2016 (Edited 04.08.2016)
I would recommend for a friend

Toimiva ja kestävä perusteltta kestävällä telttakankaalla jossa plussana verkotus tuuletusaukoissa, jolloin yöunet myös lapissa taattu. Kestää isältä pojalle, jos ei kovin pahoinpitele. Hiukan painavahko, saattaa vaatia telttakyllästettä mutta muuten 5/5.
10 4 Report abuse
I would recommend for a friend

If we compare this tent to modern designs its construction is obsolete, and yet I find it quite charming. Perhaps because it reminds me of the first tent I've had as a boy. Nostalgia aside, this tent is quite good if we consider the price. I've received the brand new and complete nylon version. The stakes needs to be replaced for the aluminium ones since the ones included with a tent weight as much as the tent itself but everything else is good. The tent is still to heavy for backpacking though unless you are on a budget, if so you might wish to use hiking poles instead of the tent poles to cut on weight even more. However for car camping or canoeing this tent is very suitable. Not sure how the condensation will be in this tent but increased condensation in a single wall tents is common so will see. Like I said for the price very good.
14 4 Report abuse
I would recommend for a friend

Huikea härveli, iteltä löytyy tuo puuvillainen versio ja sen säänkestävyyttä testasin Nummessa jussina. Välillä vettä tuli enemmän ja välillä vähemmän, mutta vasta neljäntenä aamuna alkoi nurkista tulla vettä sisään. Tähän hommaan olisi pieni ojitus varmasti jeesinyt. Kattoon olen kerran kyllästettä ruikkinut ja se kesti moitteetta koko setin ilman pressuja tms virityksiä.

Syssyllä tää lähtee viikon vaellukselle. Katotaan miten äijän käy.
3 0 Report abuse
I would recommend for a friend

Suuri teltta, nopea toimitus. Käytetään vuoristossa.
3 0 Report abuse
I would recommend for a friend

14.10.2017 (Edited 28.05.2018)
Tosi hyvä ja helppo teltta. Myös tarpeeksi miehekäs.

Olen pystyttänyt teltan kovillakin vesisateilla, eikä ole tullut vesi läpi. Yksin saa pystytettyä naurettavan helposti. Parempaa saa etsiä.
3 0 Report abuse
I would recommend for a friend

This is a good, sturdy tent. Easy to set up. These do not include the rain fly but just use a DD tarp or a similar tarp. Has good ventilation.
2 1 Report abuse
I would recommend for a friend

Arrived virtually brand new. Had that milsurp storage smell No rain fly. Replace the pegs (1lb) to lose a little weight. Set it up in -10C Canadian backyard for the week and tested it out a few nights for condensation. Snowed heavily and it stood up well buried in snow. It's nylon. Walls got pretty wet without everything open. Very good ventilation all things considered, spacious, comfortable. 50$. Win.
7 2 Report abuse
I would recommend for a friend

06.02.2018 (Edited 06.02.2018)
I own the canvas version and did a side by side comparison with the nylon version. Nylon will require seam sealing with attention to the ridgepole especially but has a kilo less weight advantage. I substitute V poles for the single for faster entry and exit. If you are in mosquito country the zipper intersection needs attention. I have used mine in summer desert and our last snowfall. Two Plash Palatka fly makes a bombproof basecamp.
3 1 Report abuse


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